Brand Overview

CHANGAN Automobile, a leading enterprise and one of the four major automotive groups in China, boasting 40 years of experience in the automotive industry with a global presence that includes 12 manufacturing bases and 22 factories worldwide.

Recognized as an iconic representative of Chinese automotive brands, CHANGAN Automobile harnesses the skills of over 17,000 engineering and technical professionals hailing from more than 30 countries.

These experts are strategically stationed in "Six Countries and Ten Places", including Chongqing (China), Beijing (China), Shanghai (China), Dingzhou (China), Hefei (China), Turin (Italy), Yokohama (Japan), Birmingham (United Kingdom), Detroit (United States), and Munich (Germany). This strategic placement forms a comprehensive global collaborative research and development framework with distinct regional focuses.

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Brand Vision

The brand envisions the powerful convergence of technology and care, encapsulated in the phrase "Smart Your Future". This signifies a collective, global spirit of openness and integration. We strive to be at the forefront of progress, uniting the world with advanced technology and a compassionate approach.

Flagship Products
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