Infinite Evolution, Everlasting Success: CHANGAN Automobile's 2023 Sales Surpass 2.55 Million Mark


On January 2, 2024, CHANGAN Automobile reveals its stellar performance for the entire year of 2023. The company achieved outstanding annual sales exceeding 2.55 million vehicles. Notably, there was rapid growth in sales of new energy products and overseas markets. In 2023, CHANGAN's self-owned brand’s new energy vehicle sales surpassed an impressive 470,000 units, with overseas sales exceeding 230,000 units.

2023 brought an unprecedented surge in China's new energy vehicle market, marked by intense competition and profound industry adjustments. Following a rigorous shakeout, the Chinese new energy industry embraced a phase of high-quality development, propelling the global automotive sector into the era of new energy. Amidst a steady and profound transformation, CHANGAN underwent a comprehensive revitalization from strategic positioning to brand image to product portfolio. Experiencing a remarkable surge in sales, CHANGAN demonstrated robust growth and comprehensive development, emerging as a beacon of stable transformation among Chinese automotive companies. Leveraging the successes of the transformative year 2023, CHANGAN is now poised to harness the momentum for a new era of high-quality growth and embark on a transformative journey.

Counting Down the Past Year from One to Five

Reflecting on the past 365 days, CHANGAN sprinted through a transformative 2023. Driven by technological innovation and guided by global development, CHANGAN has achieved remarkable milestones: acquiring one new brand, establishing two new factories, signing three significant contracts, hosting four major product launches, and introducing five new models.

Acquiring one new brand. As a pivotal step towards transitioning into the era of intelligent vehicles, CHANGAN launched CHANGAN NEVO in August 2023. This marks CHANGAN's entrance into the era of intelligent new automobiles, establishing three major intelligent electric vehicle brands including CHANGAN NEVO, DEEPAL, and AVATR. These brands cater to diverse market segments, collectively propelling a surge in sales for new energy vehicles.

Establishing two new factories. On November 8, 2023, CHANGAN Automobile marked a significant milestone with the groundbreaking ceremony for its manufacturing base in Thailand. This event symbolizes a deeper penetration into the Southeast Asian market and the accelerated implementation of its international strategy. On November 24, CATL-CHANGAN EV Battery Co., Ltd located in Yibin, Sichuan, witnessed the production kickoff of CHANGAN's first standard battery cell, solidifying its role as a crucial driver in CHANGAN's battery strategy.

Signing three significant contracts. CHANGAN Automobile has inked pivotal agreements with three industry-leading enterprises – NIO, Huawei, and Ganfeng Lithium. These agreements span across various elements of new energy development, including battery swapping stations, smart driving, and the battery industry chain. In pursuit of the dream of a thriving automotive industry, China is actively creating an electrified and intelligent open platform with collective participation from the automotive sector. CHANGAN seizes the opportunity to not only exhibit vision but also demonstrate prowess. Expanding its network of affiliations, CHANGAN is systematically enhancing the new energy intelligent industry chain, fostering a mutually beneficial landscape and inaugurating a new chapter in China's automotive cooperation ecosystem in the era of intelligent electric vehicles.

Hosting four major product launches. In 2023, CHANGAN Automobile organized four landmark release events. From the Vast Ocean Plan at the Shanghai Auto Show in April to the debut of the mass-produced E07 at the Technology Ecology Conference in September, followed by the introduction of the "Golden Shield" battery brand at the Guangzhou Auto Show and a Southeast Asian brand launch in November. These events spotlight CHANGAN's commitment to technological advancement, driving a comprehensive renewal of its strategies for new energy, intelligentization, and globalization. Taking one step at a time, CHANGAN is diligently achieving its set goals in sustainable and high-quality development.

Introducing five New Energy models, including NEVO A07, NEVO A05, NEVO Q05, DEEPAL S07, and AVATR 12, catering to the mid-to-high-end market. Leveraging intelligent AI electric drive technology, the intensive release of new products has propelled NEVO's cumulative sales to exceed 40,000 units, establishing a robust foundation for CHANGAN's comprehensive transition to new energy. The DEEPAL S07, a standout in the mid-size SUV segment, achieved remarkable success with cumulative sales surpassing 50,000 units in just 5 months, making a significant impact in global markets. AVATR 12, setting new luxury standards in the intelligent automotive era, secured over 15,000 pre-orders within an astonishing 6 days of its market debut, establishing itself as a true blockbuster.

With a series of impactful initiatives, CHANGAN Automobile reveals a wave of remarkable accomplishments in 2023. The company has witnessed a significant upswing in technological prowess, product strength, brand image, and service capabilities, marking a significant leap forward for the company.

Paving the Way for a New Horizon with Three Major Strategies

A deeper exploration into CHANGAN Automobile's comprehensive and effective growth, achieving parallel development in the three tracks of new energy, intelligentization, and globalization, reveals the reasons behind its significant scale and profitability. Since the initiation of the Third Business Venture — Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program in 2017, CHANGAN has vigorously implemented three major plans. This has led to a transformative development in technology, brand, products, and market penetration, creating a positive feedback loop. This transformation has unleashed the company's developmental potential, leading to a comprehensive shift towards becoming a technology-driven entity focused on intelligent and low-carbon mobility.

In the field of new energy, CHANGAN diligently implements the Mission of Shangri-La. The new products NEVO A05 and Q05 equipped with the Smart AI Electric Drive System, were honored with the "2023 Top Ten Engines and Hybrid Systems of China" award. DEEPAL's Micro-core high-frequency pulse heating received the Global New Energy Vehicle Innovation Technology Award. The creation of three exclusive electric platforms for large, medium, and small vehicles, along with the production of the first standard battery cell, demonstrates CHANGAN's commitment to innovation. Consistently topping the charts in research and development strength for 7 assessments over 14 years, as per China Enterprise Technology Center evaluations, CHANGAN boasts a well-established and distinctive competitive advantage.

In the realm of intelligentization, CHANGAN continues to advance the Dubhe Plan. The debut of E07 in the intelligent new vehicle domain and the advancement of the central + regional network architecture into comprehensive vehicle integration exemplify CHANGAN's commitment to creating a "New Vehicle, New Ecosystem". CHANGAN actively explores the integration of intelligent automotive robots, while the notable inclusion of NID3.0 + APA7.0 Worry-Free Navigation Technology in DEEPAL's dual-vehicle setup signifies a significant leap. APA7.0's recognition at the 2023 IVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge and AVATR 11 's five-star intelligent rating in the IVISTA China Intelligent Vehicle Index highlight CHANGAN's remarkable achievements in the field of intelligentization.

Initiate the Vast Ocean Plan on a global scale. 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the "Belt and Road Initiative", the elevation of China's automotive exports to the world's top position, and the commencement of CHANGAN's holistic global expansion as it aspires to become a world-class automotive brand. The introduction of the Vast Ocean Plan in April, the pre-sale launch of CHANGAN HUNTER in Mexico in October, and the Southeast Asia brand launch in November mark key milestones. With Thailand serving as a strategic bridgehead, CHANGAN extends its influence into Southeast Asia and the global right-hand drive market, paving the way for a new epoch in global development. Operating in 73 subsidiaries, with 22 factories, and fostering partnerships with over 1,100 suppliers and 9,300 dealers worldwide, CHANGAN stands poised at the forefront of global automotive expansion.

Furthermore, the establishment of CATL-CHANGAN serves as a crowning achievement in the Mission of Shangri-La; the collaboration with Huawei is a tangible result of the Dubhe Plan; and the Thailand launch event marks a pivotal juncture for the Vast Ocean Plan. With the three major strategies advancing in tandem, CHANGAN Automobile has solidified its foundation for the future.

Gathering Momentum in 2023, Evolving in 2024

CHANGAN Automobile underwent a transformative journey from strategic repositioning to brand rejuvenation and product innovation in 2023. Building on this success, 2024 marks a new phase where CHANGAN aims to accelerate the core technology deployment in the "three-electric" system, advance key intelligent technologies, and introduce innovative products like the E07 and G318. Looking forward to 2030, CHANGAN sets ambitious goals, targeting global sales of 5 million vehicles, securing a spot among the top ten global automakers, and achieving annual overseas sales exceeding 1.2 million units.

Breaking ground in New Energy, focusing on intelligence, and riding the wave of globalization. In the steadfast pursuit of transforming into a technology-driven smart mobility powerhouse, CHANGAN Automobile has forged a distinctive path for Chinese automotive companies. In mid-January, CHANGAN Automobile will convene the 2024 Global Partner Conference, unveiling groundbreaking new energy products and initiating collaborative efforts for a shared and prosperous future. Stay tuned for the exciting developments ahead.