Vast Ocean Plan

From "Product Export" to "Brand Export", CHANGAN Automobile Leaps into the "Chinese Automobile Export 4.0 Era"


The CHANGAN Automobile Brand Southeast Asia Launch Event took place in Bangkok, Thailand on November 27th. Ms. Pimphattra Wichaikul, Minister of Industry of Thailand, graced the occasion with her presence and delivered a speech. The press conference officially commenced with the joint witness of representatives from relevant Thai government departments, CHANGAN's partners, and media guests from both China and Thailand. Prior to the launch event, Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, held a meeting with Zhu Huarong, Chairman of CHANGAN Automobile. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai expressed profound complement and support for CHANGAN's production investment in Thailand.

At the scene of the press conference, Chairman Zhu Huarong of CHANGAN Automobile delivered an impactful speech entirely in English, igniting the enthusiasm of the audience. He expressed CHANGAN 's profound commitment to the Southeast Asian market and shared the global ambitions and strategies, "Thailand's automotive industry chain is well-developed and is transitioning towards electrification, aligning perfectly with CHANGAN Automobile's strategic direction in new energy. We sincerely hope to share our technological products and premium services with Thai consumers. The brand launch event today signifies the implementation of our Vast Ocean Plan strategic vision and marks the acceleration of our development in Southeast Asia. We are confident in establishing Thailand as a stronghold for CHANGAN's global strategy, serving as a hub for Southeast Asian nations and the wider global right-hand drive market".

After over 3 years of preparation and extensive research involving more than 10,000 Thai consumers, CHANGAN Automobile has established its Southeast Asia Division, along with three local entities including CHANGAN Auto Southeast Asia Co., LTD, CHANGAN Auto Sales (Thailand) Co., LTD, and CHANGAN Auto Components (Thailand) Co., LTD. In addition, operational teams have been established in Thailand. The construction of the new energy vehicle production base in Thailand has also commenced. The objective is to swiftly integrate into the Thai market through localized operations, achieving a comprehensive system of brand establishment, research, production, supply, sales, and service abroad. By setting new standards for the international expansion of Chinese automotive brands, CHANGAN is steering towards a transition from "Product Export" to "Brand Export", marking a leap into the "China Auto Export 4.0 Era".

CHANGAN Leap into Global Waters with Wind Rising in the South Seas

Today, China stands as the world's largest exporter of automobiles, and Chinese new energy vehicles are reshaping the global automotive scene. CHANGAN Automobile, a key player in the national team for new energy vehicles, actively embraces the national "Belt and Road" initiative. It not only ventures overseas but also integrates itself into the global landscape, aiming for a mutually beneficial development scenario. This launch event is not only a crucial link connecting CHANGAN Automobile with the Thai market but also a strategic move to create a bridgehead for CHANGAN's global expansion. Through new technologies, new products, and new brands, CHANGAN aims to establish a new base, create a new way of life, and collaborate with partners in Thailand to reach into the future and co-create a splendid new journey. The press conference portrays CHANGAN Automobile's clear vision for its "Brand Export" initiative in Southeast Asia.

In the strategic implementation, CHANGAN Automobile remains committed to localized management, propelling overseas business growth through the dual drivers of "Trade + Base". CHANGAN Automobile is set to invest 20 billion Thai Baht in establishing a new energy vehicle production base in Rayong Province, boasting a total capacity of 200,000 vehicles per year. The initial phase, supported by an investment of 10 billion Thai Baht, will achieve a production capacity of 100,000 vehicles per year. The construction of the base has already commenced, and it is planned to commence production in the first quarter of 2025, radiating into the global right-hand drive market. This Thai base stands as a pivotal element in CHANGAN Automobile's execution of its global strategy, playing a significant role in bolstering Thailand's automotive industry development.

In terms of brand and product strategy, CHANGAN Automobile will comprehensively introduce the three intelligent product brands DEEPAL, AVATR, and NEVO. By 2030, CHANGAN plans to launch 15 new energy products, promoting the widespread adoption of intelligent driving and supporting Thailand's 30@30 policy. This initiative aims to facilitate the healthy and rapid development of Thailand's new energy automotive industry. Additionally, CHANGAN will export products to right-hand drive markets such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. Collaborating with partners, CHANGAN aims to foster a robust automotive industry ecosystem in Thailand, contributing to the country's economic development.

In the field of marketing operations, CHANGAN Automobile is rapidly building its marketing system capabilities. Collaborating with outstanding Thai dealerships such as Galax, Rungcharoen, Rama3, and Primus, CHANGAN is swiftly aligning resources to establish high-quality marketing capabilities. The strategic aim is to achieve comprehensive deployment in major Thai cities by the year 2024.

In customer service, CHANGAN Automobile is committed to providing more convenient and heartwarming services for users in Thailand and Southeast Asia. With the goal of collaboratively creating a better life with a wide user base, CHANGAN has initiated the Thai version of the "Number One Project". The company plans to establish overseas customer contact centers, parts warehousing and distribution centers, technical training centers, and more. Training for pre-sales and after-sales has already been conducted for Thai dealers, ensuring a continuous provision of timely, pleasant, and exceptional service experiences for users.

CHANGAN Automobile is actively engaging in social responsibility efforts to contribute more to Thailand and Southeast Asia. Not only does CHANGAN aim to integrate itself into the fabric of Thailand, but it also collaborates with a broad spectrum of supply chain partners to propel industrial development, generate additional employment opportunities, and contribute to the overall advancement of Thailand. On the other hand, there will be a strengthened focus on ESG development, ensuring the fulfillment of responsibilities and obligations as a globalized enterprise through endeavors in resource conservation, environmental protection, and charitable activities.

"Right-Handed DEEPAL" Takes Center Stage, Unveiling Multiple New Models

The atmosphere soared to new heights as the DEEPAL L07 and DEEPAL S07, two new energy products, elegantly rolled into the central stage. These two vehicles mark CHANGAN Automobile's first-phase introduction of new energy products to the Thai market. CHANGAN proudly announced the commencement of full-line reservations for DEEPAL S07 and DEEPAL L07 at the launch event, both of which are scheduled for an official launch at the Thailand Auto Expo on the 29th.

Prior to the conference, accompanied by Zhu Huarong, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce of Thailand, Puttan personally experienced the Right-Hand Drive version of the DEEPAL S07—DEEPAL S07. Engaging with the vehicle, he took the opportunity to inquire extensively about the product's performance and features. Impressed by the striking design and interior experience of DEEPAL S07, he expressed keen anticipation for the product's successful promotion and enthusiastic reception in the Thai market.

With a user-centric approach and a specific focus on each market, CHANGAN Automobile delves into the needs and pain points of local users. The design of DEEPAL S07/L07, with its blend of technological sophistication and fashion, has garnered significant favor among consumers in Southeast Asia. At the event, Mr.Klaus Zyciora, Vice President of CHANGAN Automobile, shared insights into the design philosophy: "The fundamental reason for the leap in CHANGAN's new energy vehicle design lies in the innovation in materials, technology, and design philosophy. DEEPAL is dedicated to creating a leader in comprehensive smart travel. The industry-first grille-less front face and interactive light design of DEEPAL L07 break away from the traditional front-end layout, showcasing CHANGAN's innovative design leadership and earning the recognition and affection of young users".

In addition, CHANGAN Automobile showcased its high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand, AVATR, along with its flagship models AVATR 11 and AVATR 12, making their debut in Thailand. The event garnered significant attention, showcasing the confidence of Chinese new energy vehicles in facing global competition.

Painting a New Global Landscape by Following the Principle of the Vast Ocean Plan

As early as its establishment in 1862, CHANGAN Automobile appointed the British national Sir Halliday Macartney as the general manager, highlighting CHANGAN's inherent international orientation. With 39 years of accumulated expertise in vehicle manufacturing, CHANGAN has become a classic representative of Chinese automotive brands. It is not only an advocate for internationalization but also a provider of high-quality product services. It is also an enthusiast for technology, committed to technological innovation, breaking new ground in technology, and crafting new automobiles.

Currently, CHANGAN Automobile has a global presence with 73 subsidiaries and 22 factories. Its products are exported to 63 countries and regions. The company has established partnerships with over 1,100 global suppliers and more than 9,300 global dealers, including local enterprises in Thailand like Eternity@one and Infinite Automobile. CHANGAN is committed to achieving the status of a world-class automotive brand.

CHANGAN Automobile has established a global research and development network in China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Italy, forming the "Six Countries, Ten Locations". The company has set up 16 technology research and product development centers, along with 17 technology companies. With an engineering and technical team comprising over 18,000 individuals from 30 countries worldwide, CHANGAN's research and development capabilities have consistently ranked first in the industry for seven consecutive evaluations over 14 years in China's Enterprise Technology Center assessments.

In April of this year, guided by the principles of "Peaceful cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit", CHANGAN Automobile initiated the global Vast Ocean Plan. The company set forth development goals known as the "Four Ones" and implemented five major layouts, including accelerating product and capacity deployment, strengthening brand construction, enhancing marketing service delivery, perfecting market layout, and reinforcing organizational development and talent deployment. CHANGAN Automobile has outlined a blueprint for global development and is steadfastly advancing towards the grand goal of "Build a World-class Auto Brand".

In the face of other global markets, CHANGAN Automobile is rapidly expanding its presence. In the Americas market, on October 21, CHANGAN Automobile unveiled its strategy and Pickup brand in Mexico, with the CHANGAN Hunter starting pre-sales in Mexico. In the European market, the European headquarters is being prepared to introduce a series of localized products, with plans to enter the European market by 2024. As part of the plan, CHANGAN Automobile intends to establish regional headquarters in the Americas, Africa, and other areas, emphasizing continued emphasis on localized operations to deliver more intelligent, low-carbon, and technologically advanced smart new car products, along with an ultimate service experience, allowing the world to experience the charm of intelligent manufacturing in China.

Looking ahead, CHANGAN Automobile is unwaveringly committed to transforming into a smart and low-carbon mobility technology company. By 2030, CHANGAN Automobile aims to achieve global sales of 5 million vehicles, placing it among the top ten automotive companies globally. This includes a significant investment exceeding $10 billion in overseas markets, annual overseas sales surpassing 1.2 million vehicles, and a workforce of over 10,000 in overseas operations, positioning itself as a world-class automotive brand.

Embracing a New Chapter with China and Thailand Collaborating for the Future. Dedicated to the implementation of the Vast Ocean Plan, CHANGAN Automobile extends its influence from the domestic Chinese market to a global blueprint. From strategic announcements to groundbreaking ceremonies, CHANGAN Automobile approaches the journey with an open mindset, collaborating with partners in Thailand and around the world. Together, they are committed to leading industry development, delivering high-quality products and exceptional services to global users. CHANGAN is painting a new canvas for its global development, steering the growth of Thailand's automotive industry. This marks not only a leap into the "China Auto Export 4.0 Era" but also a remarkable journey in the high-quality development of China's automotive industry.