Vast Ocean Plan

CHANGAN's Southeast Asia Debut: Over 3000 Orders in 2 Weeks, "Accelerated Mode" for Overseas Expansion


On December 12, DEEPAL released data indicating that during the 40th Thailand International Motor Expo, the DEEPAL L07 and DEEPAL S07 "Twin Stars" sparked a surge in orders in Thailand, with the cumulative order surpassing 3000+. This rapid success propels CHANGAN Automobile into the top tier of car brands in the Thai market, marking a significant leap in brand awareness. Additionally, November sales figures reveal CHANGAN's self-owned brand overseas sales reached 23,976 units, a staggering YoY increase of 518.6%, a fivefold surge. CHANGAN Automobile is undergoing a comprehensive transformation, maintaining steady growth domestically while making significant strides in its "Brand Export" strategy.

On November 8th, CHANGAN Automobile held its groundbreaking ceremony for the manufacturing base in Loei Province, Thailand.

On November 27th, CHANGAN Automobile's Southeast Asia Press Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, where the AVATR 11 and AVATR 12 made their debut, and the DEEPAL L07 and DEEPAL S07 opened for pre-orders.

On November 29th, at the Thailand Motor Expo, the DEEPAL S07/L07 "Twin Stars" were officially launched in Thailand.

CHANGAN receives a warm welcome from the Thai government, positive reviews from local consumers, and high praise from the media after the release of a diverse range of advanced, intelligent, and eco-friendly high-quality products. The transition from localized brand advancement to the compelling strength of its products has led to a substantial surge in overseas sales. CHANGAN 's global Vast Ocean Plan is off to a promising start, elevating its global brand recognition and reputation significantly, indicating a testament to the initiation of a new chapter in CHANGAN 's global brand development.

Chinese "intelligent manufacturing" Lauded in Thailand

Prior to the Southeast Asia brand launch event on the 27th, Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai experienced the DEEPAL S07/L07 and praised, "The design and interior experience are astonishing. I look forward to such excellent products selling well in the Thai market!"

Ms. Pimphattra Wichaikul, Minister of Industry of Thailand, attended the Southeast Asia Press Conference and delivered a speech, praising CHANGAN's technological research and development strength, exterior design, and level of intelligence. She believes that "CHANGAN's new energy vehicles will enjoy strong sales success in Thailand".

On the front page of prominent local newspapers in Thailand, an extensive feature has been dedicated, providing thorough coverage on various aspects such as corporate strength, the Thailand base, products, and technology. The report also emphasizes the warm welcome and support extended by the Thai government towards CHANGAN's investment in Thailand. Numerous mainstream local media outlets have displayed a keen interest in the progress of CHANGAN's brand establishment in Thailand.

CHANGAN's booth at the Thailand Motor Expo became the center of attention, especially with the DEEPAL S07/L07 showcasing outstanding aesthetic designs and exceptional smart features, which attracted numerous local visitors who eagerly stopped by for a closer look and photo opportunities. The anticipation to experience the vehicles led to long queues, making it one of the most popular booths at the event. Many Thai users not only scrutinized and tested the vehicles but also engaged in in-depth discussions with local sales representatives. Their positive responses were evident as they expressed their admiration with phrases like "CHANGAN, Good"!

Representing Chinese automakers, CHANGAN Auto showcased remarkable performances at the Thailand Auto Show. In addition to the debut and launch of two overseas right-hand drive models from DEEPAL, the AVATR 11 made its first stunning appearance in front of global car enthusiasts.

CHANGAN Automobile's successful start in Southeast Asia is mainly attributed to its commitment to "localization" operations. Through the establishment of an integrated system covering research, production, supply, sales, and service, CHANGAN has ventured into a comprehensive industrial outreach. This collaborative approach has entered a new phase of "two-way exploration", shifting from "product export" to "brand export", setting a new global standard for Chinese brands. It is leading Chinese automotive enterprises into the "Chinese Auto Export 4.0 era".

In the future, CHANGAN not only plans to introduce DEEPAL but will also introduce the three major intelligent product brands including AVATR and NEVO. By 2030, CHANGAN aims to launch 15 new energy products and export right-hand drive products to markets such as Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and South Africa. This initiative aims to provide global consumers with a more convenient, intelligent, and environmentally friendly travel experience.

Furthermore, CHANGAN Automobile will actively support Thailand in achieving the "30@30 Policy", aiming to have electric vehicles account for 30% of locally produced cars by 2030. This goal demonstrates CHANGAN' strong commitment to promoting the global transition to green mobility and fulfilling its social responsibility.

The stunning performance at the Southeast Asia Press Conference and the Thailand Auto Show has brought CHANGAN international recognition. CHANGAN Automobile is poised to establish itself in the Thai market, serving as the vanguard of its internationalization strategy and marking the beginning of a major export expansion into global markets.

CHANGAN's Accelerated Export Expansion: Thirty Years of Dreams Unleashed

As the first domestic automotive group to establish overseas research and development branches, CHANGAN Automobile began its overseas business layout as early as 1991. After more than thirty years of continuous efforts abroad, CHANGAN Automobile has gradually embarked on a path of global development with its characteristics.

Since the announcement of The 'Vast Ocean' by CHANGAN Automobile on April 18th this year, outlining the "Four Ones" development goals and emphasizing the promotion of the "Five Major Layouts", the plan has been implemented in various regions. In August of this year, CHANGAN Automobile completed the registration of three local companies including CHANGAN Auto Southeast Asia Co.,LTD, CHANGAN Auto Sales (Thailand) Co.ID,and CHANGAN Auto Components (Thailand) Co..TI. CHANGAN is also accelerating the establishment of a localized operational team. In November, construction began on CHANGAN Thailand Factory, which will serve as the global "right-hand drive vehicle manufacturing base". The initial production capacity is 100,000 vehicles, and it will increase to 200,000 vehicles in the second phase. The factory is scheduled to start production in the first quarter of 2025, making it a crucial platform for CHANGAN Automobile to implement its global strategy and contribute to the development of the automotive industry in Thailand.

On November 27th, CHANGAN Automobile's Southeast Asia Press Conference was officially held in Thailand, marking the concrete implementation of The 'Vast Ocean' strategic blueprint, and initiating a new chapter in CHANGAN Automobile's global development. On November 29th, at the Thailand International Auto Show, the DEEPAL L07 and DEEPAL S07, two new energy vehicles, were officially launched. This marks the first landing of CHANGAN Automobile's products in Thailand and a crucial step towards expanding into the global right-hand drive vehicle market.

Reports indicate that the initial shipment of mass-produced vehicles bound for Thailand commenced its journey from the domestic port on the evening of November 26th, signifying the practical implementation of DEEPAL's market strategy in Thailand.

In recent years, with the robust emergence of Chinese automotive brands, particularly leading the way in the new energy and intelligent technology field, the redefined perception of "Made in China" automobiles has garnered widespread acclaim in overseas markets. Since 2017, CHANGAN Automobile, in its Third Business Venture, has leveraged its formidable technological prowess established through the Mission of Shangri-La NEV Strategy, and the Dubhe Plan Intelligent Strategy. This has solidified its position as a leading force in "Chinese intelligent Manufacturing" globally.

Despite the long journey, the destination is within reach. With CHANGAN Automobile's continuous implementation of the Mission of Shangri-La NEV Strategy, the Dubhe Plan Intelligent Strategy, and The 'Vast Ocean', CHANGAN envisions achieving "global sales of 5 million vehicles, entering the top ten among world automakers by 2030". In the "City of Angels" Bangkok, CHANGAN Automobile Chairman Zhu Huarong's grand blueprint has become convincingly compelling, and the path forward is clear. With full acceleration and a spirit of exploration, CHANGAN Automobile is confidently marching towards its goal of becoming a world-class automotive brand!