Vast Ocean Plan

CHANGAN's First Deliveries in Southeast Asia: A New Landscape for Chinese Automotive Exports


The scene of Chinese automobile exports unfolded every day. According to statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to November 2023, the export of new energy vehicles reached 1.091 million units, with an average of over 3,200 Chinese-made new energy vehicles heading overseas every day. China's car export volume in 2023 surpassed Japan, making it the largest car exporter. Behind the data is the continuous international expansion of Chinese companies, led by CHANGAN, guided by policies, achieving a leapfrog in the new energy vehicle industry, and accelerating the upward trajectory of their brands.

Achieves Top Tier Status in Thai Market within 1 Month of Launch

In April 2023, CHANGAN Automobile officially launched its The 'Vast Ocean', marking the beginning of a new chapter for CHANGAN Automobile on the global stage.

On November 27th, at the "CHANGAN Automotive Southeast Asia Press Conference", the right-hand drive models DEEPAL S07 and L07 made their debut in Thailand. Two days later, both cars were officially launched, causing a sensation in the Southeast Asian automotive market.

Thai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, personally experienced the models and praised the vehicles. Leading local newspapers in Thailand extensively covered CHANGAN's strategic plans. Dealers and users who tested the actual cars provided positive feedback, expressing their admiration.

Orders flooded in, surpassing 3000 units in just one month, marking the successful engagement between CHANGAN Automotive and overseas customers.

Nanjing CHANGAN's Vice General Manager, Gao Jin, highlighted the challenges and achievements in producing DEEPAL right-hand drive vehicles for Southeast Asia. Despite tight timelines and heavy tasks, the team worked diligently to ensure high-quality production. In November and December 2023, about 3000 units of DEEPAL right-hand drive models are rolling off the production line each month. The commitment is to provide Southeast Asian users with prompt access to CHANGAN's intelligent vehicles.

CHANGAN's first batch of right-hand drive vehicles shipped to overseas markets marks a significant milestone in the company's global strategy. Securing 3000 orders within just one month, CHANGAN has successfully gained recognition in the Southeast Asian market, positioning itself at the forefront of the Thai market. Amidst the wave of brand construction and tailored approaches for international export expansion, CHANGAN is leading Chinese automotive companies into a transition towards "China's Auto Export 4.0 Era".