Brand Overview

KAICHENG is committed to driving value through innovation. In the field of smart logistics, it has launched a new low-carbon intelligent logistics business strategy called the "Photosynthetic Forest Initiative". Through the introduction of "new products, new platforms, and new ecosystems", the brand crafts the development of the K01 platform architecture, the establishment of a "business matchmaking" platform, and the implementation of a partner program.

This strategic move is designed to cultivate a new ecosystem for intelligent logistics, positioning KAICHENG as both an "experience hub" for users to access premium services and a platform for value creation. In the pickup truck sector, the company has launched "the Five Mountains Platform", a global incubation platform for pickup truck communities. This initiative is dedicated to building the global pickup truck gene, contributing to CHANGAN Pickup's achievement of ten advanced indicators that surpass its peers and maintaining the brand as the certified "pacer" in the industry.

Brand Vision and Company Goals

Establish a World-class Commercial Vehicle Brand

KAICHENG is a crucial strategic pillar for CHANGAN Automobile, serving as the cornerstone of the company's commercial vehicle business strategy.

Positioned as the "Digital NEV Commercial Vehicles Technology Brand", KAICHENG is dedicated to building a world-class commercial vehicle brand and focusing on providing low-carbon, intelligent, and efficient solutions for diverse applications in the global market.

Flagship Products
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