Intelligent low-carbon Mobility Tech Company

New energy plan: Mission of Shangri-La

In 2017, CHANGAN Automobile launched the "Mission of Shangri-La" for new energy strategy based on profound contemplation of human, vehicle, industrial chain, and environmental issues.

The plan includes four initiatives: the "Billion Dollar Initiative", the "Ten Thousand People R&D", the "Partnership Program", and the "Ultimate Experience". The aim is to create high-quality and enjoyable new energy vehicles, accelerate CHANGAN Automobile's transformation into an intelligent and low-carbon mobility technology company, promote breakthroughs in autonomous technologies, cultivate the field of new energy vehicles, and drive sustainable coexistence between humans and nature.

Development Strength

16/6 covering 6 major areas in the field of new energy
580+ patent applications
400+ proprietary core technologies in new energy

R&D Strength

CHANGAN Automobile has successfully cultivated core capabilities in system design, vehicle integration, and component development.It has established 16 laboratories covering six major areas in the field of new energy, accumulating over 580 patent applications.

CHANGAN Automobile holds more than 400 proprietary core technologies in new energy, including the "Three Electrics".

These achievements are complemented by competencies in control system software and hardware development, battery system integration design, electric drive system integration design, and other fundamental areas.

New Energy Vehicle Power


The New Blue Core and Its Empowerment of CHANGAN Automobile. Serving as the core power technology for CHANGAN Automobile, the New Blue Core will enhance the capabilities of both the New Blue Core AI Electric Drive and the Super Range Extending Systems. The New Blue Core AI Electric Drive continuously optimizes with use, while the Super Range-Extending system consistently improves in performance.

In the engine domain, the New Blue Core platform integrates three of the world's most advanced technologies. With a 500bar ultra-high-pressure fuel injection system, a 1.45 stroke-to-bore ratio, and a high-energy ignition system with 150 millijoules. These innovations enable the New Blue Core engine to attain an industry-leading mass production thermal efficiency of 44.28%.

NEW BLUE CORE Engine Platform

The dual motor electric drive system used in plug-in hybrids enables a single power system to freely switch and lock between plug-in hybrid and range extender modes with the touch of a button. One set of hardware, two power modes. The cutting-edge range extender achieves an exceptional global fuel-to-electricity conversion rate of 3.63 kWh per liter of fuel.

NEW BLUE CORE Engine Platform

The New Blue Core also features the globally unique IEM Advanced Intelligent Power Control System, providing adaptive all-terrain driving and navigation-based dynamic energy management, empowering users to tackle diverse road conditions effortlessly.

CHANGAN Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

The CHANGAN Hydrogen Fuel Cell System tackles the challenge of balancing "compact size" with "high power" through innovative design. With its self-developed full-variable decoupling high-precision control technology, it greatly enhances hydrogen-to-electricity conversion efficiency, achieving an impressive hydrogen consumption of 0.65 kg per 100 kilometers. Moreover, this advanced system allows for ultra-fast refueling in just 3 minutes.

CHANGAN Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

CHANGAN’s Battery Brand - Golden Shield

At the 21st Guangzhou International Auto Show in November 2023, CHANGAN Automobile announced its entry into the new energy power battery industry and introduced its self-developed battery brand, CHANGAN "Golden Shield".

CHANGAN optimizes the synergy between battery and vehicle design to effectively resolve user anxieties regarding energy density, charging efficiency, cycle durability, and low-temperature performance. By overcoming technological barriers in battery cell design, CHANGAN ensures full-lifecycle protection of batteries, delivering users a transformative experience defined by long life span, true safety, high efficiency and rapid recharging.

CHANGAN’s Battery Brand - Golden Shield