CHANGAN Automobile has established 73 subsidiaries, 22 factories, and over 9,000 sales and service outlets globally, with nearly 120,000 professional service personnel. Our products are exported to 77 countries and regions. We have formed partnerships with more than 1,100 global suppliers and over 9,300 global dealers, with the commitment to achieving recognition as a world-class automotive brand.

Part 1 | Global Strategy

Vast Ocean Plan

On April 18, 2023, CHANGAN Automobile announced its GLOBAL strategy, the "Vast Ocean Plan".

Development Principles: Committed to long termism, focus on green and low-carbon development, emphasis on local operations, and pursuit mutual growth.

Development Goals: By 2030, CHANGAN Automobile aims to achieve the "Four Goals" development goals in the overseas market: surpassing $10 billion in overseas market investment, exceeding 1.2 million annual sales in overseas markets, surpassing 10,000 employees in overseas business, and establishing CHANGAN Automobile as a first-class automotive brand.



Overseas Market

$10 billion+

Annual Sales In
Overseas Markets

1.2 million+

Employees in
Overseas Business




Five Key Layouts: Accelerate product and capacity layout; strengthen brand construction layout; enhance marketing and service layout; expedite the improvement of market layout; reinforce organizational and talent layout.

Part 2 | Global Research and Development

Research and Development Layout

CHANGAN Automobile upholds a commitment to innovation-driven development, striving to build world-class research and development capabilities.

We have established a global collaborative research and development structure, with strategic centers in Chongqing, Beijing (China), Shanghai (China), Dingzhou (China), Hefei (China), Turin (Italy), Yokohama (Japan), Birmingham (UK), Detroit (USA), and Munich (Germany) forming a comprehensive "Six Countries, Ten Locations" strategy with each location emphasizing specific aspects of global collaboration in research and development.

Research and Development Capabilities

With 16 technology research and product development centers and 17 technology companies, CHANGAN Automobile possesses comprehensive, independent development capabilities for vehicles, engines, and more. In the period from January to November 2023, the company filed 5,602 new patent applications at an average rate of 18 per day. Additionally, the National Enterprise Technology Center evaluation has consistently ranked CHANGAN at the industry's forefront for 14 consecutive years.

Research and Development Investment

CHANGAN Automobile allocates 5% of its annual sales revenue to research and development. From the eleventh Five-Year Plan period to the present, the cumulative investment in R&D has exceeded 138.3 billion yuan.

Research and Development Team

CHANGAN Automobile has a workforce of 72,000 employees, including over 18,000 engineering and technical personnel from 30 countries worldwide. The company has structured its R&D system around achieving classic product developments. This includes the establishment of 16 technical research and product development centers, along with 17 technology companies. The strategic focus lies in breakthroughs within areas such as intelligent technology, new energy technology, and product experience design, fostering continuous innovation to elevate research and development capabilities.

Global Research and Development Center

With a total investment of 4.3 billion yuan, CHANGAN Automobile's Global Research and Development Center emerges as an expansive and collaborative intelligent R&D platform integrating global resources. Occupying over 1,000 acres, it encompasses seven major functions, including design, testing, and management.

The center covers 12 major domains, including simulation analysis, noise and vibration, and collision safety. It features more than 180 laboratories in areas such as hybrid power, air conditioning systems, and non-metallic materials, as well as a data center utilizing cloud technology.

The official opening of the Global Research and Development Center marks CHANGAN Automobile's entry into the era of "Open Sharing, Global Collaboration" in R&D 4.0.

Global Testing Center

CHANGAN Automobile's Comprehensive Test Field, built with an investment of approximately 2 billion yuan, spans a total area of about 3,500 acres. This facility includes a high-speed circular track, basic performance roads, dynamic squares, braking test roads, as well as unique surfaces such as comprehensive evaluation roads for complete vehicle properties, noise evaluation roads, and comfort evaluation roads. It features 13 main roads, 4 entrance bridges, and nearly 70 special roads, totaling over 50 kilometers in length.

This testing ground supports the execution of hundreds of test projects, including automotive and component development tests, validation experiments, and regulatory certification tests. With more than 8,000 test vehicles each year, it contributes to a durability test distance exceeding 30 million kilometers and a performance test duration exceeding 25,000 hours. This testing facility has laid a solid testing foundation for rapidly enhancing research and development capabilities.