Your Most Emotional Intelligent Companion


Brand Overview

AVATR Technology commits to exploring future-oriented humanized mobility technologies and creating a warm and intelligent user experience. AVATR is inspired by the ancient English word "avatar", meaning embodiment. AVATR Technology embraces the meaning with a more profound connotation, reflecting oneself of self-delight into various parallel worlds, becoming "your most emotional intelligent companion".

As an explorer in the new track of smart electric vehicles (SEV), AVATR Technology is committed to building an international high-end SEV brand. Supported by CHANGAN Automobile, Huawei, and CATL in vehicle R&D and intelligent manufacturing, intelligent vehicle solutions, and intelligent energy ecology, AVATR Technology is making the most of the jointly built CHN, featuring an all new SEV architecture with "a new architecture, strong computing power, and high voltage charging capability". Based on the new cooperation model, AVATR Technology mastered the SEV industries' core competency which achieved complete autonomy in China domestically. AVATR Technology is headquartered in Chongqing, China, with branches in Shanghai, China and Munich, Germany.

Brand Mission

Offering Unique and Futuristic Mobility Experiences and Lifestyle.

Corporate vision

Becoming a global leading high-end SEV company in 2030 through futuristic design and warm and caring technology. Empowers you to enhance and expand the life you pursue.

Flagship Products
Left 45 degree of AVATR 11 2024
AVATR 11 2024
The Futuristic Luxury SUV
Left 45 degree of AVATR 12 2024
AVATR 12 2024
The Futuristic Luxury Gran Coupe
Left 45 degree of AVATR MMW
Co-branded Limited Edition, Emotional Intelligent Electric SUV
Left 45 degree of  AVATR 07
Coming Soon

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