CHANGAN, Smart Your Future

CHANGAN Automobile is one of the four major Chinese automobile groups, with 40 years of car manufacturing experience, we have 12 manufacturing bases and 22 plants worldwide. As a leading Chinese car manufacturer, CHANGAN Automobile has self-owned brands including CHANGAN, NEVO, DEEPAL, AVATR, KAICHENG, and joint venture brands including CHANGAN Ford, CHANGAN Mazda, and JMC. In 2021, the cumulative sales of CHANGAN's self-owned brand exceeded 20 million units. Up till April 2024, the cumulative sales of Chinese brands under CHANGAN exceeded 26.33 million units.

CHANGAN Automobile has more than 18,000 engineers and technicians from 30 countries around the world, and has established R&D network of ten cities in six countries in Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Dingzhou in Hebei, Hefei in Anhui, Turin in Italy, Yokohama in Japan, Birmingham in the UK, Detroit in the US and Munich in Germany. We have a professional automotive R&D process and testing & verification system, to ensure that each product can endure more than 10 years or 260,000 km of use.

In 2017, CHANGAN Automobile launched its "The Third Business Venture — Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program" to build culture, efficiency and software capabilities as core competencies, and transformation towards an intelligent low-carbon mobility technology company.

CHANGAN, Smart your future.