Fashionable and Trendy Appearance
Fashionable front face design;
Trendy body design - higher front and lower rear;
Bodyline runs from front to rear highlighting powerful appearance.
Horizontal Smiling Face Design
U-shaped chrome-plated grille/piano baking varnish process show distinct gradation;
Wing-shaped hollow-out air intake/fog light with great penetrating;
Air deflector for sports car to decrease wind drag and noise.
Wolverine Bi-color Hub
10-spoke aluminum alloy cutting, manufactured by CITIC Dicastal Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.;
Spoke is subjected to finish turning and bright surface process and internal is subjected to black lacquer treatment;
185/65 R15 Tire.
Indicator Light and Eagle Eye Headlight
Eagle eye and black eyeliner together with indicator light to bring three-dimensional effect;
Lens to improve spotlight effect;
“Follow me home” function to light up the way to your home after locking doors.
Ultra Low Drag Coefficient
Drag coefficient is 0.334;
Works to reduce wind drag in every respect;
Carbon dioxide emission is reduced by 5-8g per km.
Excellent Process
Piano baking varnish and Maya silvery spraying together with chrome plated panel;
Internal joint treatment is well done to ensure tiny clearance;
Fine leather seats in compliance with requirement of ergonomics;
Door panel and central control console (with armrest) employ soft packing.
Integrated Horizontal LCD Screen
Fashionable transverse tensile type dashboard design to break away from traditional division;
Ice blue backlight to generate unique atmosphere to multiply sense of science and technology;
Ossan is customized by German BOSCH Auto Electronics.
NVH Ultra-silence
Improvement in more than 20 technologies for wind NVH;
22 pieces of acoustic insulating material adopted in 6 key parts;
Comprehensive optimization in entire sealing performance.
Multifunctional Leather Steering Wheel
Dynamic three-spoke sports design; comfortable sense of holding without need for additional steering wheel cover.
Adjustable height to suit various driving needs; covered with leather, together with black doubling stitches and Maya Silvery spraying;
Multiple space combination to ensure internal depth up to 2m;
32 places as storage space;
Convenient double-12V power source to satisfy requirement of electric charging and lighting.
Sedan Oriented Chassis Adjustment
Careful adjustment to isolate pavement vibration and noise and ensure comfort in car.
Powerful Drive
DAM15B Engine
DAM15B front wheel drive engine is honored the “2015 Power Pioneer”
Maximum output
Combined fuel consumption
Maximum torque
Smart Technology
Smart multimedia system for man-machine interaction;
7-inch multipoint capacitive touch screen integrating DVD radio, bluetooth functions;
Connect with cell phone through USB to realize the simultaneous control from both LCD screen and your cell phone.
Multi-dimension Safety
  • ESP car body electronic stable system
  • HHC system
  • EBA system
  • ABS
  • High efficient four-wheel disc brakes
  • Smart burglary protection system
  • High strength and light weight body
  • TCS
Engine DAM15B
Wheelbase(mm) 2680
Maximum output(Kw/rpm) 84/5500
Maximum torque(N·m/rpm) 148/1950- 4000
Tyre specification 185/65 R15、195/55 R16
Fuel tank capacity(L) 48