Bright-colored EV
New Benni EV reflects colorful life through beautiful appearance, implies delicate taste through unique design, and makes each travel a pleasant feast.
Azure Face
Classic azure front upper grille with wings open shows sporty style, together with a unique tapered logo of EV. Front grille and fog lamp are connected smoothly as a whole, expressing a fashionable and compatible style.
Sharp and Dynamic Appearance Design
Full and powerful appearance design is three-dimensional with golden section of hale waist line. Vibrant and fashionable design style and environmental-friendly pure blue coating make the car full of tension and technological touch.
Customized Pure Blue Environmental-friendly Wheel Coating
Exclusive five-spoke motor aluminum wheel, supplemented by iconic pure blue coating; 15-inch light-duty performance wheel, adopting metal-cutting technology.
Adjustable Electrical Heated Rearview Mirror
Electrical control system is installed for exterior rearview mirror. A heating mark is added to the heating & defrosting button and exterior rearview mirror.
Comfortable and Easy Driving
  • Integral panoramic sunroof
  • Combination instrument with solid light guide needle
  • Dynamic line seat appearance
  • NVH driving environment
  • Highly-integrated dynamic-static separation layout
  • Flexible trunk space
  • Flexible multi-functional steering wheel
  • Convenient four-door power window
Clean New Energy
EV helps you enjoy fresh life and keeps you away from urban noise and even engine noise.
Intelligent Switch of Dual Charging Mode
New Benni EV has two charging modes, namely, DC charging and AC charging. The system selects charging mode according to battery status and parameters of charging device, and monitors the car and efficiently protects it during the charging process.
Maximum speed
Fast charge time
Endurance mileage


Having been verified by three generations of Changan EV, platform battery module is safe and reliable; with ternary material core of high-energy density, it has excellent performance for the efficiency and endurance.

Super-long Endurance Mileage
Innovative electric drive system optimizes the distribution of energy consumption, and ECO gear can help realize the endurance mileage of 210km under urban traffic condition, reaching the leading level in the industry.
Environmental Protection and Energy Recovery System
New Benni EV with energy saving driving mode meets the basic demands of driver through reasonable power optimization and energy conservation and recycle, efficiently improves mileage, extends the path of green travel.
Intelligent, Funny and Creative
Intelligent, Funny and Creative Interconnection
New Benni EV with intelligent interconnection can help you enjoy the life of interconnection whenever and wherever possible, and comprehensively assist with driving through intelligent and cool technology.
Mobile Intelligent Interconnected System Screen
7-inch LCD touch screen is able to clearly display real-time vehicle information; with 4D map data, it provides intelligent navigation; equipped with mobile WI-FI, which enables the total control of your car.
6.1-inch TFT instrument
6.1-inch TFT display screen shows clear vehicle information; with the combination of pointer and digital display, it can accurately display comprehensive information. Combined with physical indicating light on both sides, it shows the driving state in a dynamic manner.
New Photoelectric LEC Knob Switch System
New photoelectric LEC knob switch system employs photoelectric sensor and intelligent chip, with higher stability and reliability. With the piano baking panel, exquisite chrome knob and ice blue gear indicator light, it displays as the gear changes.
Made with Fine Quality and Ingenuity

New Benni EV is evolved and improved continuously for greater perfection.

  • BA (Braking Assist)
  • Momentary power failure collision protection
  • High-strength steel energy-absorption car body
  • ABS+EBD car body electronic stable system
  • Intelligent imagine parking system
  • Five-star safety standard of Changan EV
  • BA (Braking Assist)
  • Momentary power failure collision protection
  • High-strength steel energy-absorption car body
  • ABS+EBD car body electronic stable system
  • Intelligent imagine parking system
  • Five-star safety standard of Changan EV
New Benni EV
L*W*H(mm) 3730*1650*1530
Wheelbase(mm) 2410
Maximum power of motor (Kw) 55
Maximum torque of motor (N·m) 170
Endurance mileage (km) 210
Battery capacity (kWh) 23.2/27.5
Tyre specification 175/60 R15