Fashionable Styling
Honor's outstanding European style is jointly created by Chinese and European designers.
Front Shape and Central Grille
Face design and central grille present a style of hale look. The interior implies exquisite, top grade and functional taste.
NVH Silence Technology
Vibration and noise reduction technologies and PVB acoustic insulating glazing are applied. 10% upgrade in door glass thickness reduces interior noise to 68.5 dB at constant speed of 120km/h.
Large Space
Large Space
• Comfortable ride and ergonomic design
Comfortable ride and ergonomic design
Honor's superior body dimensions are than its peers providing you with comfortable ride. With the idea of people-oriented, it is equipped with double-distilled air conditioner for quicker cooling and average front temperature of 20℃ as well as 14 storing spaces.
• Easy Driving
Easy Driving
It is outfitted with SUV cross-country driver seat, offering higher position and wider view. The electric power steering (EPS) provides light steering at low speed and steady steering at high speed.
Efficient and Powerful
1.5L VVT new-generation efficient engine delivers a maximum output of 78kW and a maximum torque of 135N.m. Equipped with variable Valve Timing (VVT), it is able to output more and consume less.
Rear-drive Design
Front engine significantly increases traffic safety and riding comfort while reducing noise and vibration in car. Rear drive provides stronger driving force and more powerful driving performance for turning, accelerating and climbing.
Vehicle Specifications
Length*Width*Height 4360 mm * 1685 mm * 1820 mm/1850 mm
Wheelbase 2750mm
Engine 1.5L VVT new-generation efficient engine
Maximum output 78 kW
Maximum torque 135Nm
Tires 195/70 R14 , 195/60 R15