Attractive Styling
Perfect design to make every line integrate with fashion and dynamic; New Eado is characterized by fashion and dynamic as well as complete function and relaxation.
Angel Wing Front Face
Seamless connection between sharp line and full body, combination of optical fiber headlight and grille, clear-cut outer ring, dynamic lines, artistic and luxurious light strip in decoration to make up of kinetic air-inlet grille in appearance characterized by sports style of sportback.
Sharp Streamline Side in Appearance
Sharp profile and tough waist with dynamic waistline to endow the car with powerful kinetic potential and sense of lightning speed.
Taillight Based on Diamond Art
Three-dimensional full and tensile tail in appearance; angular taillight characterized by elegance like diamond cut in art.
Driving Pleasure
Bucket type space capsule centering on driver in interior design to highlight sport style of the car; great care is taken to deliberate layout of color and light beam to decorate inner space and shine with dynamic atmosphere.
Double Gun-barrel Shaped Dashboard with Blue Light
Combined instrument as brand new design, with fashionable decorating parts and delicate white dial adopted by the aid of blue halo effect to bring intense sense of science and technology to show interior quality and fashionable attraction.
V-shaped Leather Steering Wheel
Steering wheel filled with brand “V” shaped element and covered by imported leather and decorated with bright silver panel and fitted with distraction control device to ensure comfortable hand feel and convenient control.
Double-colored Bucket Type Seat
The seat adopts double colored leather splicing, with area for cushion and backrest covered with punched leather in design to make leather and delicate sewing thread wreathe entire seat to achieve sense of bucket and dynamics to a great extent.
Detroit Expert Level Chassis Adjustment
  • Research and development is based on 53 evaluation standards for chassis;
  • Technical support by team composed of more than 10 senior experts with 20 years of experience in research and development from General Motor and Ford Motor in R&D Center in Detroit;
  • Optimized front and rear suspension system to improve anti-pitching performance of car to mitigate head shaking and raising and achieve flexible and agile movement of suspension to a great extent in driving process;
  • Optimized spring stiffness to improve vehicle's performance to filter vibration on cement road, bumpy asphalt road and smooth asphalt road and make driving more comfortable.
Efficient and Powerful
New EADO is equipped with Blue Core 1.6L and 1.6L GDI new aluminum alloy engine, being characterized by three advantages namely “powerfulness, cleanness and quietness” and low oil consumption together with low emission.
Blue Core 1.6L GDI Engine
To build the performance with low speed and high torque, power shall increase by 10%-15% and oil consumption shall reduce by 5% under condition of low speed.
5MT/6AT Transmission
  • Adopting optimized transmission and gear-shift technique in detail so as to achieve smooth and steady gear-shift and back action and powerful speeding up;
  • Imported original packaging of AISIN generation 3 6AT transmission (equipped with SPORTS mode).
In Call System
  • 7-inch HD display
  • HMI Interactive interface
  • Dynamic navigation
  • Baidu carlife mobile smart internet system
  • Built-in hard disk storage
  • wifi
  • Bluetooth
Deep-sea NVH Level
Various technologies for vibration and noise reduction and PVB sound insulating glazing for sound insulation adopted and door glass thickness upgraded by 10% at the same time to ensure that interior noise in driving at constant speed of 120KM/H is only 68.5db.
All-round safety equipment available for new EADO XT to build invulnerable safe system, perfect combination of smooth power and sound preparation to make you experience free-care driving.
  • Visual and intelligent parking assistance
  • ESC car body electronic stable system(including ABS+EBD+TCS+ESP+HBA+HHC)
  • 6 Airbags
  • HEEAB high-rigidity energy absorption body
  • Double-flash warning function in ESS (The Emergency Signal System)
L*W*H(mm) 4425*1815*1505、4425*1815*1485
Wheelbase(mm) 2660
Engine Blue Core 1.6L DVVT/Blue Core 1.6L GDI DVVT
Maximum output(Kw/rpm) 92/6000、94/5700-6200
Maximum torque(Nm/rpm) 160/4000-5000、168/4000-5000
Tyre specification 205/55 R16
Fuel tank capacity(L) 52