Attractive Styling
Perfect design to make every line integrate with fashion and dynamic; New Eado is characterized by fashion and dynamic as well as complete function and relaxation.
Re-upgrading of Dynamic Appearance
  • Optimized top and bottom grilles on front face
  • Standard LED daytime running light
  • Optimized outward opening handle to uplift to waistline
  • Rear enclosed & exposed dynamic metal air exhaust
Brand-new Interior
Soft Instrument Panel
Double-gun barrel type self- luminescent dash board;
High grade negative mould adsorption for integrated forming in a soft way to bring intense sense of young and luxury;
Various colors available for interior.
Driving Pleasure
Super large space;careful design and various colors available for interior.
Deep-sea Level NVH
Many technologies for vibration and noise reduction, PVB sound insulating glazing for acoustic sound insulation, car door glass upgraded to 10% in thickness, internal noise of 68.5 dB at uniform speed of 120Km/h;
Barrier material with side cavity and light damp film imported from Germany.
Detroit Expert Level Chassis Adjustment
53 standards for chassis evaluation;
Comprehensive upgrading in flexibility and stability in driving to achieve more flexible, lighter, more stable and more accurate in turning.
Efficient and Powerful
New EADO is equipped with Blue Core 1.6L and 1.6L GDI new aluminum alloy engine, being characterized by three advantages namely “powerfulness, cleanness and quietness” and low oil consumption together with low emission.
Blue Core 1.6L GDI Engine
To build the performance with low speed and high torque, power shall increase by 10%-15% and oil consumption shall reduce by 5% under condition of low speed.
5MT/6AT Transmission
  • Adopting optimized transmission and gear-shift technique in detail so as to achieve smooth and steady gear-shift and back action and powerful speeding up.
  • Imported with original packaging of AISIN generation 3 6AT transmission (equipped with SPORTS mode).
Vehicle-borne Smart Technology
Overall upgrading in smart in Call vehicle-borne interactive system, having various functions including mobile interconnection, living service and dynamic guidance, as well as standard configuration in dynamic guidance. Double guidance system namely Carlife Baidu map and amap.
Upgrading in Vehicle-borne Smart System
In call smart vehicle-borne interactive system, human-machine interactive (HMI) interface with flatten style, baidu Carlife reflectica enables menu in mobile phone to show in 7 inch high definition display screen synchronically.
Upgrading in Configuration
Newly added keyless entry,on-push ignition;
Improvement in air condition performance in a thorough way, large area of air-port, reduction of windage and reduction of temperature difference at air-port to make you enjoy the comfortable air as like as being at home.
All-round safety equipment available for New EADO to build invulnerable safe system, perfect combination of smooth power and sound preparation to make you experience free-care driving.
  • Visual and intelligent parking assistance
  • ESC car body electronic stable system
    (Including ABS+EBD+TCS+ESP+HBA+HHC)
  • 6 Full-size airbags equipped
  • HEEAB high-rigidity energy absorption body
  • Double-flash warning function in ESS
    (The Emergency Signal System)
L*W*H(mm) 4620*1820*1510
Engine Blue Core 1.6L DVVT/Blue Core 1.6L GDI DVVT
Wheelbase(mm) 2660
Maximum output(Kw/rpm) 92/6000、94/5700-6200
Maximum torque(N·m/rpm) 160/4000-5000、168/4000-5000
Tyre specification 205/55 R16
Fuel tank capacity(L) 52