Sharp Appearance
The New Eado XT RS exterior is an exuberant contrast of red and black, both outside and in.
Stylish Front Grille
In line with New Eado XT's sporty design, the RS model has sharp edges and corners that form the new network inlet grille.
Contrasting Red and Black Exterior
Classic red and black exterior color contrast casts a dramatic appearance.
17-inch Sporty Wheels with Red Calipers
Equipped with Continental MC5 tires, New Eado XT RS has excellent stability at high speeds and on wet surfaces. The sporty 17-inch wheels make the driving experience more comfortable.
The exclusive, visually appealing “RS” badge is inlaid in both the front grille and lift gate.
LED Daytime Driving Lights
Greater visibility improves the vehicle's active safety.
Attractive Styling
Both exterior and interior are wrapped in red and black. Plush interior materials create a comfortable space for driver and passengers.
10-inch LCD Screen
The newly upgraded 10-inch LCD (standard on uplevel model) screen accurately delivers vehicle and driving information via red and black interface.
Premium Interior Trim
Interior trim is highlighted in red, presenting a sporty attitude and striking visual impact.
Red and Black Sport Seats
The uplevel model is equipped with stylish red and black sport seats.
Vehicle Information Center
The vehicle information center's display is positioned for easy driver access and operation.
Smart Technology
Technology changes our lives and transforms wants into actualities. The New Eado XT RS blends rich driving functions, optimizes intelligent operation logic, and simplifies vehicle operation with ergonomic design which eases corresponding functions.
In Call System
The In Call system is an intelligent vehicle interconnection system which uses a humanized HMI man-machine interactive interface. It is integrated with Baidu CarLife's mobile phone mapping function, Bluetooth, WiFi, and dynamic navigation, which satisfies the demands of driving.
Keyless Entry and Push-button Ignition
The uplevel RS model is equipped with keyless entry and push-button ignition, as well as automatic sensing for open and closed doors. To start the engine, simply apply brakes and tap the start button.
Efficient and Powerful
The New Eado XT RS is powered by the Blue Core 1.5L turbocharged GDI engine paired with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.
Blue Core 1.5L Turbocharged GDI Engine
The Blue Core 1.5L turbocharged GDI engine delivers quick, responsive acceleration, outstanding performance, and an excellent driving experience.
Maximum output
125 kW at 5500 rpm
Maximum torque
260 Nm
Power per liter
83.4 kW / L
Torque per liter
173.4 Nm / L
Fuel-saving Start-stop Technology
The Bosch start-stop system (standard on uplevel model) automatically stops and restarts the engine to reduce time spent idling. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions. The temporary cessation of engine operation does not affect climate control or audio operation.
7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission
The Changan UK R&D Center spent five years and a total investment of 700 million RMB on the development of the 7-speed dual clutch transmission which is deployed in the New Eado XT RS.
The New Eado XT RS reflects the Changan vehicle family safety design. Hundreds of rigorous tests validated many excellent safety features that provide reliable full-time protection.
Highly Efficient Energy Absorbing Body
High-strength steel, which has seven times the strength of ordinary steel, comprises 47.92% of vehicle weight. Advanced technologies, such as laser welding, intermediate frequency inverter welding, and thermal molding folding, further ensure body strength.
Electronic Stability Control
TRW Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is compatible with anti-lock braking, electronic brakeforce distribution, traction control, electronic stability, hydraulic brake assist, and hill hold control. ESC can ensure vehicle stability during emergencies while shortening the braking distance.
A Precisely Designed Chassis System
The Changan US R&D Center's experienced chassis development professionals provide solid technical support. Chassis must meet up to 53 evaluation criteria.
Length * Width * Height 4425 mm * 1815 mm * 1510 mm
Wheelbase 2660 mm
Engine Blue Core 1.5L turbo GDI DVVT
Maximum output 125 kW at 5500 rpm
Maximum torque 260 Nm at 1750-4000 rpm
Tyre specification 205/50 R17
Fuel tank capacity 52 litres