Simplicity · Design Aesthetics
Simplicity is regarded as the design criteria of CS95.Bring out the pure taste with succinct visual language and integrate simple design into extraordinary functions.
Wide-winged Grille
The strong wide-winged grille presents the strength of broadness and comfort. The details, such as matte texture and bright strip are matched to add texture to the face.
Future-eye Headlamp Advanced C-shaped Light
The original C-shaped light combines position lights, steering lamp and daytime running light to express lateral tension of bumper with powerful lines.
Sculptural Waistline
The sculptural waistline runs through the whole body, forming extraordinary quality. The floating car roof design endows the car with a sense of speed.
Bicolor Fashionable and Dynamic Rim
The design of bicolor rim draws the highlight dynamic outline; Changan’s V LOGO is integrated in details, which shows the ingenuity.
Simple Texture Interior Design
Delicate drawing panel and silver edging sketch match with exquisite man-machine function button.Broad central control matches multi-functional storage space, making it of high grade. Real-leather seats are elaborately stitched.
Real 7 Seat All-sized Changeable Spaces
Different changeable seat combinations could fully meet the requirement of all road conditions. Seats on the second and third rows are foldable and the space on the third row is roomy and changeable.
Panoramic Sunroof
The sunroof is of ultra wide view, offering you a boundless vision.
Spacious Trunk
38 Storage Spaces
Instrument board, central control table, door sheet, seats and quarter trim are well prepared and designed for the strong storage function.
Enjoyment · Comfortable Experience
For CS95, it's no challenge to make every piece of experience extraordinary. The omnipresent experience opens up brand-new driving pleasure for people with experience and attitude.
Japan's High Quality Stereo Pioneer
10 speakers and DSP power amplifier are equipped to delivery fresh and new auditory sense to every seat.
Auto-induction Back Door
It is electrically opened by lifting your leg to touch the induction; the opening height of the back door could be set to make it easier to load and unload luggage; the anti-pinch induction function makes the back door safer.
Deep-sea Silent Grade NVH360°
Road noise canceling designs, like closed framework, whole body silent of perfect structure, suspension vibration isolation technology, mute tyres, and more than 30 flagship silent technology details are applied to make CS95 as silent as a rock.
Strong · Blue Core Engine
Blue Core 2.0T GDI direct injection supercharged engine, the best in China, is paired with the globally advanced AISIN 6AT gearbox and the latest BorgWarner NexTrac intelligent all-wheel-drive system.
Blue Core 2.0T GDI Direct Injection Supercharged Engine
The first 2.0L and above direct injection supercharged engine independently researched and developed in China.
Maximum power
Maximum torque
Power per liter
Torque per liter
AISIN New Generation 6AT Gearbox
  • Excellent fuel oil economy
  • Abundant controlling functions
  • Efficient transmission efficiency
  • Fast shifting response
  • Advanced neutral gear function
  • Transmission oil is maintenance free in its lifetime
The Latest NexTrac Intelligent All-wheel-drive System of BorgWarner
The globally advanced BorgWarner new generation NexTrac intelligent all-wheel-drive electronic control system is applied, capable of dealing with all road conditions.
Smart · Intelligent and Safe
CS95 carries several mature intelligent functions, such as lane departure warning, PAB warning assistance and intelligent merging assistance, to provide the prospective safety solution.
ACC Full Speed Self-adaption Cruise System
ACC self-adaption cruise system adopts the latest generation of middle distance radar MRR EVO14 from BOSCH to detect vehicle’s ACC function; it supports static activation, intelligent acceleration and deceleration, safety car following.
Lane Departure Warning System
The latest BOSCH MPC2Plus camera is installed to intelligently warn the driver when deviating the lane and to prevent accidents,switch distance light and passing light when driving at night,and to intelligently detect speed limit avoiding speeding.
In Call Intelligent Vehicle-mounted Interconnection System
In Call intelligent vehicle-mounted interconnection system carries several online servics, like navigation, intelligent assistant Xiao An, entertainment, safety and remote car-control.
The Ninth-generation Brand-new ESP System of BOSCH
CS95 carries the ninth-generation ESP system from BOSCH,with the advantages of quicker and more accurate response of the system, compatible with several other functions, like ABS, EBD, TCS, HBA and HBB. While shortening braking length, it could keep the car stable under sudden circumstances.
9 Airbags Equipped
9 airbags could get you out of dilemma. Side airbags and side air curtains could effectively reduce side strike to the driver.
AFS Self-adaption Turning Assistance Lighting System
The lighting system is dynamically adjusted and is supported to keep the light in accord with the driving direction; Comparing common headlamp, 15° illuminating range could be added at both sides.
Automatic Dipped and High Beam Headlight Changing System
Dipped and high beam headlight could be intelligently switched according to ambient light and the card ahead and dipped headlights.
HEEAB High-rigidity Energy Absorption Body
With the largest plate as thick as 2.6mm, CS95 has a strong car body like safety cabin, to safeguard a complete living space for passengers to the greatest extent even in high-speed collision.
L*W*H(mm) 4949*1930*1785
Engine Blue Core 2.0 TGDI engine
Wheelbase(mm) 2810
Maximum output(Kw) 171/5000-5500
Maximum torque(Nm) 360/1750-3500
Tyre specification 245/60 R18、245/55 R19
Hub Bicolor aluminum alloy hub
Fuel tank capacity(L) 64