Streamlined External
Changan A800's exterior was fashioned by Changan's design team in Turin, Italy.
Nifty Front Grille
A800's simple and detailed front fascia complements the MPV's streamlined appearance. Its gloss texture with chrome plated strips are well matched.
16-inch Wheels
The A800 sports two tone wheels. Lightweight wheels effectively decrease the unsprung weight and improve suspension responsiveness and comfort. They also have better heat dispersion than steel wheels and they reduce heat attenuation by improving ride comfort.
Stylish Two-tone Interior
Colors are layered in A800's stylish interior. The instrument panel offers flexibility and technology. Driver convenience is at the heart of the 10-inch central control touch screen.
Panoramic Sunroof
Expansive sunroof opens up to excellent ventilation, light, and scenic views. It's controllable through either electric switch or intelligent voice control.
7-inch LCD Instrument Panel
The instrument panel houses a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, and odometer. There are also displays for fuel consumption, external temperature, and gear information.
Flexible Third Row
The 2760 mm wheel base provides a lot of passenger space. Even the third row is generous with headspace and legroom.
Spacious Trunk
A800 has 349 to 3882 liters of flexible, practical luggage space. The compartment between the third row and the back door is the longest of vehicles in A800's class.
Thirty-three Storage Areas
Convenient storage spaces are situated throughout the vehicle. Compartments include a spectacle case, large-sized cup holders, and an armrest box in the front row alone.
Produced on Changan's Advanced PWAP Platform
Produced on Changan's
Advanced PWAP Platform
This platform possesses four core technologies including zero-defect pressing, flexible welding, water-based spray, and robotic assembly. Online testing technology monitors quality. New-tech international torque control equipment is on board for excellent performance, quality, and durability.
Comfortable Experience
A800's sub-frame has higher strength and stiffness along with rear torsion beam overhang. It also has smooth, steady disk braking with better heat resistance and attenuation performance. The three rows are all equipped with independent air outlets.
Adjustable,Ergonomic Seating Configurations
The 6-way adjustable driver seat is heated and ventilated. Middle row seating is equipped with ISOFIX child safety latches.
Intelligent Active Purifying System
By using environmentally friendly materials and multiple purification technologies, this system can resist haze, sterilize, eliminate harmful bacteria, and purify the air.
Oxygen-energy Nanometer
Ecological Photocatalyst System
This system removes formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other harmful substances from the air. It also produces negative oxygen ions to provide healthier air inside the passenger cabin.
Driving is pleasant with
A800's 1.6L DVVT Engine
The Blue Core engine has dual variable valve timing.
Maximum output:
92 kW at 6000 rpm
Combined fuel consumption:
7.4 liters per 100 km
Maximum torque:
160 Nm at 1950 - 4500 rpm
1.5L Turbocharged DVVT Engine
The turbo, which engages when revolutions are below 1500 rpm, achieves sustainable and powerful driving force between 2000 and 4000 rpm. Multiple fuel economy features are at work: exhaust gas turbocharging, intelligent engine, electronic thermostat, and a variable displacement oil pump.
Maximum output:
115 kW at 5500 rpm
Combined fuel consumption:
7.4 liters per 100 km
Maximum torque:
225 Nm at 1500 - 4000 rpm
Aisin 3rd Generation 6-speed Automatic Transmission
A800 is equipped with an Aisin 6-speed automatic manual-auto all-in-one transmission. Efficiency can reach 96.19%, and gear shift response can be completed in eight seconds. The transmission also has the following capabilities: ramp mode, economical mode, sports mode, cruise control, idling start and stop, as well as rich transmission control unit (TCU) functions.
A800 has a smart long-distance control function, which allows condition inquiry, condition diagnosis, in-car air quality monitoring, and fuel consumption which can be accessed by smart phone app. Remote control operates doors, lights, air conditioner, and sunroof. It also remotely tracks and starts engine, provides anti-theft tracking, online vehicle navigation, Baidu Carlife mapping via smart phone, entertainment, blue-tooth communication, and provides other functions.
In Call 3.1 System
Speech recognition offers nine voice control functions including calling, operation of air conditioner, navigation, audio, applications, and information services.
Keyless Entry and Ignition
Passive entry uses automatic recognition, remote control, and remote controlled sash window to achieve a sensing distance which is double that of competitors. The system includes push-button ignition, forgotten key reminder, intruder alarm, electronic steering wheel lock-up, and engine anti-theft encryption.
10-inch Multifunction HD Center Control Screen
10-inch HD TFT screen and 4G network dual-core processor integrate voice control operation of air conditioner, audio, and online navigation. The central control screen displays the automobile data recorder.
Driving Video Recorder
The real-time webcam with oversized view records images with maximum distance greater than five meters.It can automatically record and save the video of 15 seconds before and after the emergency, and it won't be covered by other records. The video can be played, stored, or deleted in the central control screen in real time.
Wireless Charging for Cell Phone
The wireless charging system is compatible with most mainstream phones. It has an effective charging area of 30 mm X 70 mm and 50% charging efficiency. Charging status can be displayed on the central control screen.
Electronic Rearview Mirror with Blind Spot Warning
The electrical rearview mirrors offer remote-controlled folding and heating. In addition, the passenger side mirror is equipped with a visual blind spot monitor.
Auto Headlamps and Auto Wipers
Headlamps are activated based on outdoor lighting conditions. Windshield wipers and sunroof sense the presence of rain and respond by activating wipers and closing the sunroof.
High Strength Body
A800's high strength body, with more than 60% high-strength steel, can guarantee integrated life space for passengers in high-speed crashes. Key parts of the A- and B-pillars are made with high-strength steel. For instance, the car door anti-collision beam uses high-strength steel, which significantly improves safety.
3-point Safety Belt
Safety belts in front row feature “fasten seat belt” reminders and pre-tensioning. In the event of an accident, belts will fasten automatically. Front row and middle row safety belts have force limits.
Visual 6-point Parking Distance Control
6-point parking distance control is more accurate and sensitive than 3-point radar. Central control screen displays the distance to barriers in different directions and coordinates with voice reminder to simplify parking.
Intelligent Tire Pressure
Real-time monitoring for tire pressure and temperature can be synchronously displayed on the instrument panel and central control screen. When tire pressure is abnormal, an alarm will sound.
1.6L 5MT 1.5T 6MT 1.5T 6AT
Length*Width*Height 4810 mm * 1795 mm * 1730 mm / 1750 mm
Wheelbase 2760 mm
Engine Blue Core 1.6L DVVT all-aluminum alloy engine Blue Core 1.5L turbocharged DVVT engine
Transmission 5-speed manual transmission 6-speed manual transmission Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission
Maximum output 92 kW at 6000 rpm 115 kW at 5500 rpm
Maximum torque 160 Nm at 4000-5000 rpm 225 Nm at 2000-4000 rpm
Tyre specification 195/60 R16、205/55 R16