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Changan Honor Goes on Sale

PublishDate:2012-03-02    Original:

6 models with a 1.3 and 1.5 liter engine, priced at between CNY 44,900 and 60,900

The Honor MPV, made by Changan Automobile, made its debut on February 23 in Guangzhou Gymnasium. Mr. Zhang Baolin, the GM assistance of CSGC and CEO of Changan Automobile, Mr. Song Jia, Mr. Wang Jun, Mr. Liu Bo, vice presidents of Changan Automobile, and Mr. Zhang Guoli, advertising spokesperson of Honor, who is a famous director and actor attended the press release.

Mr. Zhang Baolin, on behalf of Changan Automobile, extended his warm welcome, expressed sincere appreciation to all attendants, including friends from mass media and addressed in the press conference.

With the persistent attempt to be the leader in this market segment, the top of motor industry and always benefiting people, Changan Automobile has always devoted itself to developing "green, stylish and economical" motors and has been taking a lead on international and domestic market, especially in 2012 when Changan Automobile has made the most remarkable achievement since it was founded 150 years ago. In return for all the trust and support that they have been given, Changan Automobile will launch 5 new products, such as Honor, EADO and CD101.

On account of all constant efforts made by global research and development teams for 3 years, Changan Automobile has given birth to this masterpiece---Honor, with "innovate and care" as its brand core value. It’s not only the combination of creation and diversification, but also the strategic product of prolonging meaning. It will become a milestone of future MPV in China and is going to explore a brand new market segment where models are not classified according to traditional standards.

Mr. Zhang Baolin interpreted the meaning of MPV at the press conference in three aspects. Firstly, the word "M" is short for "multiple". It indicates the balance of multiple requirements, such as sporty function like what SUV has, simple operation, safety, comfortableness just like what traditional MPV possesses, large space, economical cost and practical utility, etc. This car model collects all advantages from 3 types of cars which makes it one of a kind in China market at present. Secondly, "MP" stands for "multi-purpose" which has been displayed through every single detail in Honor that has the function of meeting all traditional commercial needs and adapting itself to new fashion of e-commerce and recreational business. In addition, although "MPV" stands for "Multi-purpose Vehicle, he preferred "cabin" rather than "vehicle" in order to vividly describe this car. The reason why he chose this word was that "cabin" implied high-quality life, ease, larger space, practical utility and pursue of happy family and successful career. In another word, cabin has synthesized large space, high technology and great achievement.

Mr. Song Jia announced that these 6 Honor models with a 1.3- and 1.5-liter engine and 5-, 7- and 8-seat, were priced at between CNY 44,900 and 60,900.
Mr. Zhang Guoli showed up at the press conference in the Honor car. He shared with us his test drive experience, the feeling about the car, the remarkable technology features and outstanding performance which the car possesses. In the meantime, sporty version of Honor also made its first debut at the press release and obtained great response.
6 core advantages Honor owns are fashionable, easy to drive, of huge space, of rear drive, of efficient dynamics and of extra long warranty period. As the first model of Changan Automobile entering the new MPV market, Honor focuses itself on multi-purpose and starts a new chapter in Changan Automobile’s history of MPV. After Honor, Changan Automobile will continue with its pursue to becoming one of the leader in MPV market all over the world.