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Changan Automobiles Debut on Shanghai Auto Show: Conveying Technology, Fashion and Future

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High-efficiency and low carbon power assembly technology
Energy conservation and environmental protection are the core of the product and technology R&D of Changan Automobile. In the field of high-efficient power, Changan Automobile will fully use the global leading energy conservation and emission reduction technologies such as TC, GDI, VVT and RFF.

The H15TGDI engine exhibited on the Auto Show has combined the TC, GDI, DVVT and RFF, and has reached the world leading level in terms of power per liter, NVH and fuel consumption. The D20TGDI double pressurizing 2.0L direct injection engine could compete with the 4L Normally Aspirated engine, and may reduce the fuel consumption by 20%. At the same time, the first ICCS engine in China that is developed by Changan Automobile was exhibited, and its fuel consumption and power are the first class in the world.

In addition, the company also exhibited the first small torque and double-clutch automatic transmission i-DCT double-clutch automatic transmission, and the new generation of AMT automatic transmission IMT intelligent clutch AMT transmission. The two products are better than the conventional AT transmission by 10% in terms of transmission efficiency.

In Care Humanity Care Technology
On the Auto Show, Changan Automobile exhibited the world leading In Care safety technology by disassembling the vehicles and parts, fully conveying the designing physiology of Making Safety Top Priority and Caring about Life. In the past years, the company has invested several hundred million Yuan to build the national clashing laboratory and created the world leading safety development system.

The in Care system has combined several new and high technologies for vehicle safety, pedestrian protection, and light and intelligent chassis based on the HHRB safety vehicle body, which is supported by the constrained system and active safety system, providing the users with five-star safety protection and showing the humanity care comprehensively.

In Call On-board Information System
The future automobiles shall have the terminal just like cell-phone and each vehicle shall have a intelligent system. The In-Call onboard information system has digital, information, intelligent, network and entertainment functions, and is connected with the data center through wireless network, which could provide the customers with safe, comfortable and convenient driving experience.

The one-key location navigation service provided with 3G wireless technology and the GPS system could receive the information about the traffic conditions in real-time, which is the keeper of your car.

In Drive Intelligent Driving System
The intelligent driving system is composed of intelligent navigation system, clash avoiding support system, road deviation alerting system, and night vision supporting system, which could monitor and inform the drivers of the clashes that may happen and would interfere and actively control the brake effective in case of emergency, so as to avoid the clash or reduce the effect of the clash and protect the lives of the drivers and passengers.

This is one of the world's leading safety technologies at present, which could effectively protect the drivers. Changan Automobile will first promote the models with intelligent safety support system, and provide the drivers with perfect safety screen.

In Nature Green Ecological Circulating System
In addition, Changan Automobile has been focusing on the virtuous circle of the automobile industry and made every effort to create a green ecological chain from material selection, R&D, manufacturing, logistics, product utilization and renewal. On the Auto Show, the company has put forward the sustainable development physiology of building the Green Ecological Circulating System.

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