Changan New Energy Vehicles


Changan is actively developing new energy vehicles for a more sustainable environment. Eado EV was officially launched in 2015. It is an economical and energy-saving vehicle developed based on the demands of customers. Using only 0.15 kWh per kilometer, cost to operate is less than 8 cents per kilometer, which saves 85% of the utility cost compared to traditional vehicles.

Discover the Promise of Tomorrow with Smart Car Innovation


Changan's In-Call and In-Drive smart systems bring you a whole new driving experience by integrating online and entertainment platforms.
Changan Intelligent Vehicle Technology: We are not content to stand still. Nor are we content to let you do all the driving when we can develop technologies to actively aid and improve the driving experience. As we progress toward fully autonomous driving, Changan is integrating automated safety assist innovations into current vehicles to improve accident avoidance.

  • 360 ° panoramic view

  • Lane Departure

  • Idle start-stop