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  • R&D capability, the driving force of Changan automobile

  • 50+ BENNI rock the road

  • Colombia gave trainings on sales and service skills

  • Changan EADO Won NO. 1 in rally paraguay

  • Free spirit of Changan CS in Blossom in Italy

  • Changan auto to explore legends - A journey to Egypt

  • Changan CS15 to make its debut at 2015 Guangzhou auto show

  • Changan's "escape to see the Galaxies III" CS sdventure concludes on the silk road

  • Changan auto flexing its muscles at Times Square, New York

  • Global automotive industry takes notice of Changan's mcity connected vehicle technologies

  • "Exploring Legends", Changan takes you across South America, Asia, and Africa

  • EADO XT competes in Paraguay

  • EADO EV wins distinction at lake Qinghai EV challenge

  • At the CCISF 18th annual opening, Changan automobile gets attention

  • “Be the Best You Can Be” Changan CS15 is Launched

  • EADO XT prepares for the peru rally

  • Offspring of Yellow River was awarded the Most Brilliant Star - presented by Bing Gong, vice preside

  • Changan cumulative sales broke 1 million units, a salesi ncreasing of 16% year to date

  • Vehicle sales rankings in China: Strong performance for domestic brands, Changan ranked second behin

  • Commentary for Changan's new RAETON CC concept car from the 2015 Shanghai auto show

  • Changan Made Its Debut in Chinese Circuit Off-Road Championship (COC)

  • First Chinese made and branded vehicles to serve at BFA

  • Changan released new energy stragetic plan, and new car on market

  • Changan wins the 2014 national science and technology progress award

  • Changan sponsors the brilliant Chinese

  • Changan leads Chinese automotive brands, sets sales target of 800,000 units

  • CS75 raffle activity successfully held in Azerbaijan

  • Changan automobile makes debut in oran auto show

  • The Changan EADO XT transformer attracted much attention at the peru auto show

  • With the highest C-NCAP5-star rating ever awarded,Changan CS75 reaches new safety heights

  • EADO city action - Changan contestants visit turin design center

  • Changan CS75 emerged as a champ in 2014

  • ALSVIN V7 captures the spirit of young drivers-hangang charges up Guangzhou show

  • Changan automobile exhibited key vehicles at the macau auto show

  • Changan automobile debuts at the bogota auto show, 2014

  • Changan wedding

  • Changan moscow show

  • Changan iIran show

  • Changan automobile hold the marking and promotion press conference in moscow Changan distribution ce

  • Debut of Changan automobiles in algeria International auto show

  • Enjoy International car-buying experience in Chongqing

  • Changan automobiles popular in Iraq

  • World-class Innovative masterpiece of small MPV CHANGAN EULOVE came off the assembly line in Nanjing

  • Changan EADO, H series gasoline engine & CX20 awarded

  • Sales of Changan indigenous cars break 40,000 units in January, increased by 163.2% year-on-year

  • Changan automobile selected national in-depth fusiondemonstration enterprise for informationization

  • Running on the vast snowfield at -42℃---- a journal of Changan car running extremely cold test in M

  • Changan E30 wins pure electric passenger vehicle committee special award of the 2012 green vehicle s

  • Changan EADO awarded “CCTV compact car of the year”

  • Changan RAETON became the most recommended model for annual government procurement of indigenous inn

  • The third stop of Changan 150th anniversary celebration & CHANGAN European design center new bas

  • Glorious past creative future grand celebration on Changan’s 150th anniversary

  • Be free•be extraordinary Changan CS35 launched synchronously in two cities

  • 150 Glorious years new star illuminates thefuture ---Changan 150 anniversary celebration in Hebei th

  • C-NCAP new safety crash standard keep abreast with Europe Changan EADO gain first “5 Star” in China

  • Changan automobile honored national “quality benchmark”

  • 14 Cars take the lead of fuel-efficient vehicles catalogue Changan automobile takes thelead of wnerg

  • YUEXIANG V5 launched into market, control your eye

  • "Changan" brand worth 34.63 billion yuan ranks top ten of Chinese enterprises

  • Building up happiness bit by bit, benchmarking by strength- Changan Yuexiang V3 is launched

  • Changan automobile signs agreement with Chongqing University on collaborative innovation and strateg

  • Changan automobile releases the theme and logo of the 150th anniversary of founding

  • Changan automobile: adhere to independent innovation to create first-class own brand cars

  • The centuries of painstaking evolution of CHANGAN automobile - a report from the front line of the m

  • Uruguay, a decade of successful partnership

  • The 3rd Session of Changan automobile

  • Open up a new pattern of own brand based on integration of global advantages - five new models of CH

  • Students and teachers of Chongqing university of technology participate in CHANGAN automobile techno

  • Changan new energy company participates in green auto China 2012

  • Changan ford mazda invest to launch Chongqing passenger car expansion project (Tthirdfactory)

  • Approaching the R&D team: over 1000 experts work together to create EADO

  • In addition to the extraordinary beautiful shape brought about by international design experts, EADO

  • Dynamic core and design ensures quality and pleasure

  • Changan's first batch of 100 pure electric car enter demonstration run in Beijing

  • Changan automobile create the

  • Changan HONOR goes on sale

  • CFMA CQ2 launch & new focus job 1

  • Changan auto to become the legendary founder of autodesk moldflow

  • Two new energy projects acquires acceptance by the national 863 program

  • Changan automobile wins the HONOR of

  • CAUK to celebrate its first anniversary

  • Changan band value rises to 30.515 billion yuan, ranking top ten Chinese enterprises

  • Counselor Xu Hai from the department of International cooperation of the ministry of science and tec

  • Xu Liuping's keynote speech in the 2011 global auto forum

  • Chairman Chen Zhiyuan of Berjaya group berhad visits Changan automobile

  • Cornerstone of Changan ford mazda Chongqing wngine plant laid

  • Changan Auto to jointly hold the international conference on automobile NVH and safety technology

  • His royal highness, duke of york visits Changan UK R&D centre

  • Changan automobile visited by president yuan Jiahu of Chongqing institute of green and intelligent t

  • 3 Kinds of Changan concept cars show up at Shanghai auto exhibition

  • Night of auto circle and award ceremony open at Shanghai auto exhibition

  • Changan's R & D strength again ranks the first in Chinese auto industry

  • Academician expert workstation listed in Changan auto, accelerating technology development with all-

  • Changan science and technology jointly hundreds years of tsinghua exploration

  • Changan automobile honored with

  • Changan's R & D strength again ranks the first in Chinese auto industry

  • Official rolling-off of Changan CS15

  • 1,000 hand-over ceremony of OSSAN

  • Changan Automobile opens a great beginning in2016

  • Driving forward with pilotless Raeton

  • Outstanding and valuable the launch of CS35 2016 edition

  • Changan CX70 is to Debut at 2016 Beijing Auto Show

  • 2016 Chongqing International Marathon Gets Under Way

  • Good News from Changan's 2016 International Rally Team

  • Changan Sponsors Peru's International Marathon and Ignites the Southern Hemisphere

  • Take a Ride Inside Changan's Latest Driverless Technology—Chinese Automaker Unveils flagship SUV: The CS95 Debuts at Beijing Auto Show

  • Changan's Autonomous Sedan Hits the Road

  • Changan Automobile Successfully Launches in Saudi Arabia

  • Colombia Distributor Takes Show on the Road

  • Changan Raeton Intelligence Edition Launched in Chongqing Auto Show to Start New Chapter of Intelligent Driving

  • EADO XT Won 2016 CRC First Leg Championship

  • Changan's Growth – Changan Has Become The Top Chinese Brand in Peru

  • 2 Stations 4 Wins, Changan CS75 Dominates the COC

  • CX70 "Chasing Light" Action Sets off in Lhasa, China

  • EADO XT Won The 1st Leg of Peru National Rally

  • Celebrating Peruvian's "Family Day"

  • What can Changan's New Star Truck be after customization….Food trucks!

  • 8 Upgraded Features.New Technology.Introducing all new EADO.

  • Changan M201 series successfully rolled off in Malaysia

  • Changan announces the launch of automatic drive CS15, with a summer bliss in City of Xidi,China.

  • Changan in deal with Saudi Arabia rental car service

  • Changan Top Racer Training Camp Opens to Racing Fanatics

  • Changan Automobile Shines on 2016 Moscow International Automobile Salon

  • Changan Chile holds fan club activity in Santa Cruz

  • Changan South America Training Center Opens in Chile

  • Changan Alsvin V7 1.0TGDI Version Launches in Chengdu Motor Show

  • CS75 Officially Launches in Chile

  • The 2nd CPCC Finishes First Leg in Karamay, China —— NEW EADO Won 5 Champions

  • Introducing the brand new 1.5TGDI CS75 the cutting edge SUV launches for city dwellers

  • CS15 is Launched in Three South American Countries

  • More than just good looking, EADO XT took crown again

  • A Legendary 2016

  • Changan Automobile Shining On Colombia International Auto Show

  • Powerful to the core - CS95 is to debut on 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show

  • Changan Automobile Won Colombian Government Order 403 Cars Help Boosting Livelihood Project in Cali

  • Global Lead by 48v Hybrid Power Vehicle New arrival of Three Models of Changan High-quality NEV

  • Media Reps Test Drive CS55 along Bohai Sea Coastline

  • Changan Automobile Facilitating APEC in Peru

  • Changan Automobile Joining Hands with Baidu at CES

  • CS15 Introduced to Paraguay at Snazzy Launch Event

  • Blue Whale engine propels CS95 at Lightning Speed on icy course

  • The new Linmax MPV is unveiled

  • Linmax launched at the China Chongqing International Auto Industry Fair

  • An Intelligent and Attractive SUV——CS55 Launched at Hangzhou

  • Official Launch of Changan A800

  • Linmax adds turbocharged engine and manual gearbox to lineup

  • Changan Will Redefine Chinese Cars in Lebanon

  • We Set Out, To Challenge The Heat!

  • Changan Automobile is 16-time champion in CCPC opening event

  • Going Contemporary with Changan's CX70

  • First New Eado XT RS Test Drive Event takes place in Chongqing

  • New Eado XT RS Launched at the 2017 China Chengdu International Auto Industry Fair

  • Making The World A Greener Place, One Tree at A Time

  • An Extraordinary Test Drive in Chile

  • "Growth together" "Products as the foundation", Iran CS35 test driving marketing training start

  • The reputation of the word for value creation will continue in Iran

  • From Santiago to Pichilemu: Changan Launches CX70 in Chile

  • In Bolivia, We Are One Step Closer to the Championship

  • Changan Strives for Premier Service Excellence in Chile

  • Changan Automobile is 14-time Champion at CCPC in Dafeng

  • Global automotive journalists discover what makes Changan extraordinary

  • Changan Automobile Participates in Intelligent Transportation Exhibition

  • Changan Automobile met the challenge of the 2017 Extreme Heat Test

  • Changan unveiled the Alsvin V7 in Azerbaijan

  • Changan Automobile recognized by financial organizations

  • Changan launches Raeton Intelligent model

  • Changan Automobile Drives into Global Pickup Truck Market with PSA Group

  • Run with Changan in Bolivia

  • Pang Jian: Joining Changan Rekindled My Youthful Days

  • Changan and Alibaba Explore the Intelligent Path of Auto Industry

  • Changan Ossan salsas its way into Peru

  • Changan announces Mission Shangri-La and launches three new energy models

  • Changan unveils a new generation sedan: Raeton CC

  • Russian Deputy Prime Minister Visits Changan Factory

  • Linmax adds new powertrain to lineup

  • The Changan M-1027: A New Star Rises

  • Changan’s "Super Salesman" in Russia

  • Changan Steals The Show At Lima Auto Extravaganza

  • Changan Automobile Appears at the 2017 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

  • Changan teamed up with Mario Hart to conquer Caminos del Inca

  • Changan Automobile appears in 2017 Tehran Auto Show

  • Changan Automobile Selected as One of 2017 National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises

  • Changan Guides the “Light of Life” In Malaysia

  • Raeton CC Test Drive in Hainan China

  • Changan and Egypt drive forward together

  • CS95 takes center stage at Saudi Auto Show

  • Raeton CC: The car of the future - today

  • Changan CX70 Wins the BEST VALUE AUTO AWARD in Chile

  • Star Truck Makes Its Mark in Colombia

  • The Next Gen Eado:A New Legend Is Born

  • Changan Brings Virtual Reality Test Drives to Saudi Arabia

  • Previously on Changan 2017

  • Hey Chile: The All New CS35 Has Arrived

  • Bolivia CS75 Launch

  • "Changan Day" Heats Up Moscow

  • Changan now one of Peru’s top ten car brands

  • Changan Automobile Debuts in Pakistan

  • Journalists experience excellence during Changan Eado test drive in Shenzhen

  • Changan CX70:The most cost effective 7-seater in Chile!

  • CS55:Mountain Warrior

  • Extreme Heat Challenge becomes even HOTTER

  • Changan launches level 2 autonomous driving technology in consumer market

  • Refitted Changan Dinning Car Becomes Popular in Malaysia

  • Changan has strong first quarter in South America

  • CS95 will soon launch in Gulf Cooperation Council countries

  • Two new Eado models share top billing at Eado Night

  • CS15 wins at 2018 Paraguay Rally

  • Changan Overseas Distributors Conference held in Beijing

  • CS75 among four new Changan vehicles shown at Beijing Automobile International Exhibition

  • Gulf region’s top automotive journalists visit Changan facilities

  • CS95 Officially Launched in Kuwait

  • CS95 is now available in Saudi Arabia

  • CS95 Launches in UAE

  • The first Saudi women’s exhibition for cars

  • “Win the wind”Running with Changan in Azerbaijian

  • Changan’s official entry into Cote d'Ivoire

  • Changan Russia's first self-operating showroom established

  • Changan Supports "Código Azul" Event in Chile

  • Changan Overseas Consultants Gather at Chongqing Auto Show

  • Changan Automobile rolls into Pakistan

  • Changan and Huawei agree to collaborate on vehicle intelligence

  • Changan hosts an evening of style

  • CS15 triumphed in tough rally race

  • I See you! Changan Fans Festival Welcomes Overseas Fans

  • Radovan Miucic envisions a “collision-free world”

  • Changan will no longer produce non-networked vehicles by 2020

  • See it, play with it and buy it!

  • CX70T is officially launched in Chile

  • Prosperous Sales of Changan in Latin America

  • Challenge the extreme,we never stop

  • "Social SUV" was Firstly Published and Posed, and the Brand New CS35 PLUS can Realize the Social Upgrading

  • Changan “EADO” comes 2nd in the “Saudi Autocross Championship”

  • Changan Slams 2018 CCPC First Station

  • In a faraway land, Changan cars have become indispensable

  • CS55 is unveiled at the Santa EXPOCRUZ in Bolivia

  • Enjoy Being Different- CS55 Launches in Ecuador

  • RAETON CC evaluated 5 star by 2018 C-NCAP

  • Brand new EV model EADO EV460 Launches in Beijing

  • Changan FAN Italy R&D trip ends successfully

  • CS55 and CS95 Launched in Lebanon

  • Changan opens showroom in Jordan for Iraqi customers

  • Unlock all the possibilities of future life with CS85!

  • Changan participates in Baghdad International Fair

  • Look! These are our local superstar vehicles in South Africa

  • Changan successfully sets a new Guiness World Record

  • First Locally Assembled CS75 Completed in Lagos, Nigeria!

  • The 1st Africa & Middle East service training kicks off

  • Santa Claus comes earlier this year!

  • CHANGAN, no longer just a car manufacturer!

  • Changan and Derco: 10 years now, more years to come!

  • Changan Automobile officially enters Argentina!

  • “Changan vehicle, based on my experience, is very good!”

  • New CS75 and EADO unveil at Saudi Auto Show

  • EADO EV460 awarded pure electric car Model of Year

  • 40 years of Reform and Opening up, 40 years of Changan

  • AFME region: happy ending in 2018, more to expect in 2019

  • Changan America Region: Highlights of 2018

  • Changan - Huawei Jointly Establishes Innovation Center

  • Come on!Let's enjoy this feast

  • Chinese girl drives CS95 across Middle East & African continent

  • Changan sponsors "Nat Geo Run" Marathon in Chile

  • Changan strides one more step in South part of KSA


  • The Videos of Changan Automobile Global Partners Conference 2019

  • Changan Pickup F70’s debut in Chongqing International Automobile Exhibition

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  • The 3rd generation ALSVIN unveils at the Guayaquil Auto Show

  • Changan sponsors the "Yo me llamo"

  • Go forward hand in hand for new success, and create greater glories

  • Changan Automobile was awarded the “Most Sophisticated Auto Brand in Saudi Arabia 2018/2019”


  • 2019 Extreme Heat Challenge in Saudi Arabia

  • Changan all new Pick-up redefines your places

  • This time, CS35PLUS comes to Russia

  • Changan Automobile joined hands with Tencent to interpret the future of smart car life

  • Changan CS75PLUS launched at Chengdu Auto Show

  • Changan Unveiled its New CS15 at the Santa Cruz , Bolivia Auto Show

  • Changan’s superstar vehicles in South Africa

  • The independent Changan Automobile store grandly opened in Abha, Saudi Arabia

  • Changan Ruicheng CC officially Launched

  • Changan EADO Blue Core Edition shows the style of "enhance-powered mid-size sedan of extra-value" in CCPC

  • Changan is on display at the 2019 Guatemala- P.R.China Trade Show

  • Han Zheng visits Changan Automobile for investigation

  • Changan sponsors Daddy Yankee's Panama concert

  • Travel Across the Ocean to Meet you , our Changan, our Festival

  • Changan Kaicheng F70 is officially launched

  • CS75PLUS won 2019 International CMF Design Award-supreme GOLD Award

  • Changan Automobile officially launched in Qatar

  • The cumulative sales vol...

  • Changan held the 3rd Technical Training of MEAF regional

  • Changan sponsors the F group competition of AFC U-19 championship

  • Changan sponsors the 2019 PGA Tour Latin America

  • New Changan, New start LLC Changan Motors Rus held a successful dealers conference

  • Changan mass production vehicles of Blue Core Edition demonstrate China’s extreme speed at the F1 Silverstone circuit.

  • More intelligent CS55 is coming! Changan CS55PLUS is officially launched on Guangzhou Auto Show

  • Get to know Changan – Russia’s professional auto media visited Changan

  • Extreme charm! CS35 PLUS officially launched in the ancient Inca - Peru

  • Changan visited the Chinese ambassador to Ghana with Ghanaian Distributor

  • Changan Automobile participate in Chinese Brand Production Show in Colombia

  • Changan Automobile officially launched in Ghana

  • Changan shines in Saudi International Motor Show

  • The sales volume of Changan in Saudi Arabia exceeds 10,000 units

  • Why can Changan make the goddess of South America fall in love with the made in China?

  • Changan New CS55 was launched in Russia

Changan CS75 PLUS debuted in the 2019 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition


On April 16, 2019 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition was grandly opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The theme of this automobile exhibition is "Creating a Better Life Together", which attracts major automobile manufacturers from all over the world.

Changan Automobile exhibited with 22 models such as CS75 PLUS, CS85 COUPE, and set up 6 interactive experience zones and a number of leading technologies to the exhibition hall.


Changan CS75 PLUS debuted in this Auto Show. With its stunning design, comfortable automotive Interior and high intelligent configuration, it fully meets the current demands of consumers for "beautiful and connotative driving" and has become the focus of this Auto Exhibition.


Since the debut of the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Changan CS75 series has become the all-star SUV product of the Chinese brand. The launch of the Changan CS75 PLUS brings a new experience to consumers in terms of exterior interior, power and smart configuration, while the leading level of super-enjoyable space provides them with a more comfortable driving experience.


In terms of styling, the Changan CS75 PLUS is fashionable and sporty. The front face is full of tension, the headlights has sharp shape, and The LED rear lamps designed with Phoenix flame shape has very high recognition. 


For the interior, the IMAX dual 12-screen displays full sense of science and technology, the soft materials cover more than 70% of the surrounding cockpit's interior space, the low-transparency panoramic sunroof and the comfortable D-shaped multi-function steering wheel provide a more thoughtful driving experience.


In terms of power, Changan CS75 PLUS provides two versions of "Blue Whale 2.0 TGDI + Aisin 8AT Power Combination" and "Blue Whale 1.5TGDI + Aisin 6AT Classic Power Combination" for consumers to choose. The gold power combination shifting response is fast, control functions are diverse , and it also has superior performance in fuel economy, taking into account the economy and performance.


In terms of intelligent configuration, CS75 PLUS is equipped with the new "TINNOVE" automobile intelligent system, which jointly created by Changan Automobile and Tencent. It integrates the core capabilities of tencent TAI, including three high-quality ecological resources: the ecology of interest content, car owner service and light application. At present, it has supported more than 40 kinds of refined scene services such as car wash, fueling, maintenance, illegal inquiry, small games and food recommendation.


Changan CS75 PLUS is equipped with APA5.0 super remote automatic parking for the first time, which realizes automatic search for parking space, remote parking with one key of mobile phone and low speed emergency brake assist, etc. All of these let users stop worrying when parking, the vehicle can be operated by itself.


Different from previous Auto shows, Changan built the intelligent life scene to the auto show for the first time. There are 6 interactive experience zones in Tianshu City. Centered on the central square, Changan integrates the scenes of life into every corner of Tianshu City, the car will become a continuation space for home and life. Intelligence, youth, and quality will be integrated into every scene of life to fully demonstrate the scientific and technological strength of Changan




On April 23, 2018, Changan Automobile officially released the business plan of“The third Entrepreneurship – Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. Mr. Zhang Baolin, Chairman of Changan Automobile, said: “This is an era of change, an era of great opportunities and challenges. Only by seeing the trend can speed up progress."


To accelerate the pace of innovation and transformation, and achieve high-quality development, Changan has comprehensively adjusted its production capacity, and ranking first in China's automotive R&D strength industry for 10 consecutive years. Relying on the leading R&D strength, Changan has launched the “Shangri-La” new energy strategy and the "Dubhe" intellectualization strategy.


On April 9 this year, after eight years of construction, with an investment of 4.3 billion yuan, the Changan Automobile Global R&D Center has officially landed. As a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, it has applied for a total of 11,257 domestic and foreign patents, and built a research and development team of nearly 10,000 people and a global collaborative research and development system.

In terms of new energy, Changan has further promoted the “Shangri-La Project”. By 2020, it will complete the construction of three special platforms for new energy vehicles. By 2025, the traditional meaning of fuel vehicles will be completely discontinued, and the electrification of the full spectrum products will be realized.

In terms of intellectualization, Changan vigorously implements the "Dubhe" intellectualization strategy, and by 2020, it will realize the mass production of the automatic driving L3 class, by 2025, it will realize the mass production of the automatic driving L4 class.

Changan will unswervingly practice in the plan of " The third Entrepreneurship" and transform into a intelligent technology company.


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